Article: Top 10 Chinese Rappers Who Became Famous

In the late 1980s, Chinese rap and hip-hop music began to develop after creating the Juliana Club in Beijing. The club was the first in Mainland China to allow international DJs, play rap songs daily in 1984. Chinese rap culture provided a platform for Chinese subcultures to flourish.

10. Lexie Liu

Lexie Liu is only 20 years old, but her rap skill is already legendary. Her raps take a new twist with futuristic and dream-like tones that make her listeners feel like they've been taken to another era. Lexie Liu made history by becoming the youngest Chinese artist to participate at the SXSW music festival, and she went on to rank fourth in 'The Rap of China.' She joined 88 Risings shortly after, and the rest is history. Her songs aim to encourage young women to pursue their ambitions despite the pre-conceptions, labels, and expectations placed on them by society.


9. Fu Ke Si 

Fu Ke Si is a Xinjiang rapper known for his quick, crisp raps. Before competing in Rap of China, he had publicly "dissed" famous judge Kris Wu. Despite this, Kris chose Fu Ke Si to join his squad, and the two quickly became friends. Culture, Jungle Juice, and Follow Me are his hit tracks.


8. Jello Rio

Jello Rio is an R&B singer who rose to fame when he appeared in Season 2 of Rap of China. His song incorporates cool, languid R&B beats that audience hadn't heard in Chinese music previously. Special, Full Moon, and Lighting are some of the most popular tracks.


7. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a rapper, singer, and dancer from Hong Kong and South Korea. He rose to prominence as a Got7 member, the boy band of South Korea. The song was included in the 'EP Got It.' He made his solo debut on the SBS reality show "Roommate" in the same year. He has been named Hong Kong Tourism's brand ambassador and other items. His act earned him the 'Newcomers Award' at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards.


6. Wang Yi Tai

Wang Yi Tai, a rapper from Sichuan, found his ability for hip-hop by chance.  Wang Yi Tai is regarded as one of hip-hop's most soulful performers. He can rap and sing, and he gets his inspiration from various genres. Along with Higher Brothers, he began his career as a ChengDu Rap House (CDC) member, a provincial rap collective.


5. Kris Wu

Kris Wu, a Chinese-Canadian rapper-turned-actor, is one of China's most well-known celebrities. Antares, his record for the US market mainly in English, is one of the finest debut albums. His music blends R&B beat with traditional Chinese instrumentals to produce appealing cross-cultural medleys. His song "Juice" is featured on the xXx: Return of Xander Cage soundtrack and has 1.7 million views on YouTube.


4. Higher Brothers

Higher Brothers, a ChengDu-based group, successfully introduced Chinese hip-hop to a global audience. They rose to worldwide prominence when their music was marketed internationally by 88 Rising, a New York-based media business. In 2017, their popular song "Made in China" went viral.


3. ØZI

ØZI is a Taiwanese-American artist who is 23 years old. His songs blend Chinese and English perfectly, and he honestly pours fire in both languages. His music has such a distinct tone that it has become its genre. He is a creative artist who enjoys pushing limits and experiments with all aspects of artistic expression, including images, music, and fashion.


2. GAI

GAI is the stage name of Zhou Yan, a skilled rapper, singer, and composer. He became famous after appearing in the hip-hop reality show 'The Rap of China.' Zhou Yan is well-known for videos like Gangsta, in which he raps about the Chinese mafia while brandishing blades at the camera.



VAVA is a well-known and respected rapper with a wide range of skills. She is primarily a self-taught artist. She was one of China's upcoming female rappers who has gained national attention as the runner-up in the hip-hop competition, The Rap of China. Vava is now getting her big break worldwide, thanks to the film 'Crazy Rich Asians.'