Article: Top 10 Anime Like Attack On Titan To Add To Your Watchlist

Since the release of Attack on Titan in 2013, it has captivated the audience with its exceptional storytelling and jaw-topping sequences. After a successful long run, the anime has unfortunately concluded in 2023. This series has become a template for many anime. If you are a great fan of Attack on Titan and want to watch something similar to this, these anime are just for you. From having complex characters to grand battles, these sets keep you on the edge of your seat all the time. The top ten anime like Attack on Titan to add to your watchlist are.

1. Death Note

Death Note is a psychological supernatural drama directed by Tetsuro Araki, released from 2006 to 2007. It is adapted from Tsugumi Ohba’s manga, a dark and fascinating anime that has enchanted viewers worldwide with its twisting plot, complex characters, and moral dilemmas. This anime tells the story of Light Yagami, a bright high school student who stumbles upon Death Note, a supernatural book. It grants him the ability to kill anyone simply by writing their name on it. Light commences on a quest to remove the world of all criminals. It has 37 episodes.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy anime produced by Pierrot. It is adapted from Sui Ishida’s manga, an intriguing and fascinating anime that seized the hearts of its fans worldwide for its evocative visuals and exploration of humanity and identity. Ken Kaneki is a young college student who after encountering a flesh-eating ghoul, Rie Kamishiro becomes a half-ghoul. Ghouls are creatures who must consume human flesh to survive. As Kaneki is trying to understand his newfound identity, he is thrust into a world filled with peril, moral ambiguity, and barbarity.

3. Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

It is a Japanese anime directed by Goro Taniguchi. This breathtaking and intruding anime has enchanted the audience with its complex plot, exploration of political interest, and morally ambiguous characters. Lelouch Lamperouge is a former prince of Britannia who becomes Zero, a revolutionary leader. It occurs in an alternative reality where the empire has triumphed over most of the world. He is trying to bring down the oppressive regime and to build a world that is better for Nunnally, his sister.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is a dark fantasy anime that is directed by Yasuhiro Irie. The anime has 64 episodes. It is adapted from Hiroyuki Arakawa’s manga, becoming a classic that is loved by fans worldwide. It is set in a world where alchemy is an art practiced widely. It follows the expedition of two brothers, Alphonse Elric and Edward, trying to find the Philosopher’s Stone. This stone holds the key to restoring their body after the catastrophic alchemical experiment goes wrong, leaving Edward without a leg and an arm and Alphonse being confined in a suit of armor.

5. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is an adventure anime directed by Shuhei Yabuta. This exhilarating anime created by Makoto Yukimura, takes the viewers on an expedition through Viking-era Europe, with themes of redemption, revenge, and the quest for having a peaceful existence. Thorfinn is a young Viking warrior who is seeking revenge against Askeladd, the man who is responsible for his father's death. It is set during the period of Viking expansion, and the conflicts between Denmark and England, and his journey is filled with transformation and personal growth.

6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

It is a dark fantasy anime directed by Haruo Sotozaki, adapted from Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga. It is a soul-stirring anime that has taken the world by storm with its astonishing animation, complex characters, and powerful exploration of heroism and absolution. After his family is killed by demons, Tanjiro Kamado,becomes a demon slayer. He is determined to avenge the death of his loved ones and to find a cure for Nezuko, his sister, who has turned into a demon. He commences on a dangerous journey filled with catastrophe, peril, and self-exploration.

7. Berserk

It is a fantasy anime released in 2016, directed by Shin Itagaki. This visceral and riveting tale has thrilled the audience with its intriguing characters, harrowing story, and exploration of human morality. Gut is a lone mercenary who is known for his skill with the sword and his enormous strength. It is set in a medieval-inspired world troubled by political chicanery and demons. He seeks revenge on Griffith, his former comrade, who had betrayed him, to become a godlike being, Femto.

8. Steins Gate

Steins; Gate is a psychological thriller anime directed by Takuya Sato and Hiroshi Hamasaki. It’s a mind-blogging anime series that takes the audience on a journey through the complexities of trim travel and the consequences that come with interfering with the past. Rintarou Okabe is a self-proclaimed scientist who accidentally finds a way to send messages into the past using a cellphone and microwave-turned time machine. This thriller explores the consequences of altering the past and delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the nature of reality.

9. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese anime that aired from 2011 to 2014. It is based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga of the same name. This enthralling and spellbinding anime has seized the hearts of the audience with its intriguing audience, exhilarating adventures, and exploration of human potential. It is set in a world where hunters are highly respected and feared for their abilities. Gon Freecss is a young boy trying to find his absent father and unveil the mystery surrounding his existence. His quest to become a Hunter is filled with dangerous encounters, challenges, and profound friendships.

10. Claymore 

Claymore is a dark fantasy adventure anime with 26 episodes. It is set on a medieval island where humans get attacked by humanoid shape-shifting monsters who are out to eat them. A group of women who are half-human and half-monster become assassins and set out to kill these monsters at a reasonable price. These assassins have giant swords and distinct silver eyes. A warrior is posted on each island at all times.