Article: Top 10 Best Demon Slayer Arcs

With its fourth season to be released in 2024, Demon Slayer fans can’t wait for it to return. It became an instant hit among all Shonen anime fans. Those who have completed the manga, which finished in 2020, are all looking forward to the final story arcs of the show. Tanjiro Kamado is on his journey to avenge his family and save Nezuko, his sister, from a life as a demon; he joins the Demon Slayer Corps. Its best arcs prove what makes this series a huge hit.

1. Final Selection Arc- Demon Slayer’s First Arc

Demon Slayer's First Arc is one of its most memorable arcs. Tanjiro is officially trained under Urokodaki, a former Hashira who had also trained Giyuu. He also was taught by Sabito and Makomo, the ghosts, who were Urokodaki's previous students but were killed by the demons. His journey to becoming one of the great demon slayers starts on a bright note.

2. Hashira Training Arc- A unique twist of the Training Arc

Tanjiro and others, to beat Muzam’s strongest demon, have to train with the best demon slayers. Leading up to the final battle, they follow Hashira to their training grounds, where the op demon slayers help all the lower rangers improve their strengths. It seems that getting Himjima's approval is impossible, but Tanjiro isn’t one to give up.

3. Mugen Train Arc

It’s notable because it is the first anime to have a theatrical movie adaptation. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, after dealing with many demons aboard the Mugen Train. Even if they stop the train, Muzak Kibutsuji’s minions remain. The movie shattered the box office records when it premiered and was the highest-grossing film.

4. Sunrise Countdown Arc- The Last Arc

Sunrise Countdown Arc is the final Demon Slayer arc, which ends the manga on a high note. Muzak is the last monster left, with the twelve Kizuki gone. However, Muzan cannot be defeated like any other demon. Watching Tanjiro so peacefully and kindly being transformed into a starving demon is quite shocking. One of the main themes has always been strength and humanity through impossible situations.

5. Infinity Castle Arc- Glorious Final Battle

While we know that the actual climax of the story is Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon, the fight with Muzan and Kizuki, his last remaining, that comes before is more thrilling. The series' heart and action are what it is best known for, and this chapter delivers both. This final battle is easily ranked as one of the most harrowing sequences in all the manga.

6. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc- Inosuke & Zenitsu’s Introduction

Tanjiro, while investigating a kidnapping, encounters two warriors who will become his closest companions. Zenitsu’s Lighting Breathing is quite powerful, and it is getting past his cowardice, which is a problem. Inosuke, who is raised by the boars, has high opinions about his strengths but just not the self-control to be able to refine it. Tanjiro is unfazed by his new friend's eccentricities and is concerned with figuring out how they can work together to defeat the demons.

7. Swordsmith Village Arc

The Nichirin Blade are some of the most excellent swords in the anime, but also an essential part of a Demon Slayer. The village of swordsmiths, throughout the show, is only hinted at, and Tanjiro is allowed to visit it in person. His sword is very severely damaged, and he has to explain it to the smith who made it, Hotaru.

8. Mount Natagumo Arc

This is the first arc in the anime that genuinely drives home the idea of the demons being some of the most tragic to be in the anime. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu at Mount Natagumo battle a family of terrible spider demons. This battle draws in other Demon Slayers, but not all leave the place alive or in one piece.

9. Asakusa Arc

Just in the first episode, Kibutsuji Muzan makes a horrifying impression by slaughtering Tanjiro’s entire family. It’s not until later that the actual depth of Muzan ruthlessness is shown. He is seen masquerading as a human, with an oblivious daughter and wife. This Arc also brings a genuine spark of hope that the Kamado siblings will finally find the peace for which they are fighting.

10. Entertainment District Arc

Tanjiro and his friends accompany Hashira Tengen to an entertainment district, where Tengen's agents get information about demons before they suddenly disappear. Tanjiro and others, to investigate, disguise themselves as women so they can sneak in.