Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors And Their Most Famous Estates

With a large fanbase, Chinese actors are already famous due to their commendable works of art. Their performances have left everyone spellbound and made a permanent mark in the industry. But along with their screenplay, they have been caught up in the game of possessing noteworthy assets.

1. Wang Yibo

Also termed Invisible Rich, he is highly known for his expertise in acting, singing, dancing, rapping, and out-of-the-box motorcycle racing. Although this actor is addicted to watches, helmets, and shoes, he stays in a rented house. He has never really been known for investing in an estate. This actor prefers keeping his stay comfortable and not much tacky.

2. Yang Yang

Starting his career in the year 2007 and slowly but steadily making breakthrough pieces of art and turning his audience into his hugest fans, this actor has been quite successful. Winning multiple awards and being recognized as hardworking, he also owns a beautiful house in Shanghai. He is known to have various amenities, including a gym area, leisure area, kitchen, restaurant, living room, and many more. Even the pillows in his room have his images printed.

3. Deng Lun

Ruling over people’s hearts with his appearance, he has always shown how much of a fantastic actor he is. He has proved people’s notions wrong with his extraordinary performance in every movie, and it is not just him being handsome that his movies and series are all hits. But did you know how the place he resides looks like? Well, it is a highly aesthetic mansion with retro art and antique designs with a positive aura and glamor added. Even the fabrics are minutely checked and selected. With very minimal decorations, his house is monotonous yet very comfortable, just the way he likes.

4. Jackie Chan

The famous actor and martial arts artist has made remarkable progress in his career. Not only is he known for his work but also for the extravagant estates he owns. He has properties scattered throughout worth millions of dollars, and he loves shifting from one property to another and making it his dream residence.

5. William Chan

The owner of five trendy real estate, this actor is known to be sharing a spacious and luxurious house with his mother. He was known to have promised to take care of his family in return for his earnings and remarkable success as an actor and singer. This actor has a close relationship with his family, especially his mother. There have been various instances where his mother has been seen in his performances, even being a part of one that shook the media with the duo’s beautiful bond.

6. Faye Wong

Expanding her property all across Beijing and Hong Kong, this celebrity is well known for investing a lot in estates. She is one of the most talented and famous actors and musicians in China. Being one of the highest-paying actors, she leaves no stone unturned to make her house most attractive and praiseworthy. She even owns a luxurious holiday house for vacations and small getaways.

7. Tony Leung And Carina Lau

Also known as the power couple of China, they are highly famous for their popular works both individually as well as together. But what amazes all is their taste and strategizing power regarding investments. They are known to have been too cautious before any financial steps they take, and the result is always lucrative. Their house is an example setter among all the properties and estates Chinese actors are known to own.

8. Zhao Wei

Her extraordinary achievement in the field of acting and her noteworthy fame for her role in some stunning movies and drama series have made her win the hearts of many viewers. But there's much more to say about her other than her works. After earning enough, she has also ensured the comfort of her own by buying estates all across Beijing and Shanghai. The properties sum up to a substantial net worth.

9. Huang Xiaoming And Angelababy

Already known for their lavish and big-budget wedding, this couple excels in their work of art. Being part of several well-known movies, they have already set a good reputation for themselves amongst people. But what is even more attractive is their expenditure on properties. The couple owns a wonderful house with beautiful antiques. Every part of their estate, decorated with many magnificent decorations, looks gorgeous.

10. Zhang Jin And Ada Choi

Ada is already famous for her elegance and beauty on screen. Additionally, her negative character in one of the appreciable movies brought her to the limelight, which led to many dramas, movies, and show offers for the actress. Zhang, her husband, is a renowned athlete, along with being an extraordinary actor. He has also won well-known awards. This couple has also been significant in terms of property ownership. They are known to own elegant luxury estates in various places.