Article: Top 10 Singers Who Acted In Japanese Movies

This is a known fact that Japanese artists are mad talented because most of the artist in the Japanese Entertainment industry is multifaceted. These days it can be seen very often that an established singer dives into acting, both in the western entertainment industry and the Asian entertainment industry. We have researched the top Japanese singers who have also acted in movies. These Japanese artists have a strong and loyal fan following. It is quite impressive how these Japanese stars handle the acting projects while simultaneously maintaining their singing projects.

1. Takuya Kimura

Starting this list with one of the most popular and loved Japanese artists. Takuya Kimura is a singer who has acted in multiple movies and dramas.  His career as a singer and actor has been fully loved and supported this is the reason why he continues to inspire many Aspiring singers and actors. He was also a member of the Japanese boy group SMAP.


2. Masaharu Fukuyama

Another Japanese icon in this list is, Masaharu Fukuyama. Masaharu Fukuyama is one of the best-selling artists of Japan. He has also acted in several movies and established a name for himself as an actor. Masaharu Fukuyama is one of the most loved Japanese artists in the world as he also gained recognition across the world for his acting skills.


3. Jin Akanishi 

Jin Akanishi started his career as an idol of the boy group KAT-TUN. Later he left the group and turned into a solo singer. He has also acted in movies. Jin Akanishi is one of the finest artists in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. He is married to a Japanese model and actress Meisa Kuroki.


4. Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita is one of the most loved Japanese artists. He is lovingly called by the fans Tomo or Yamapi. Tomohisa Yamashita was born in 1985. He was an idol and later became a soloist. He is a famous actor in Japan so much so that many don't know the fact that he is a singer.


5. Masaki Suda

The recently hitched actor, Masaki Suda is one of the multi-talented artists of the Japanese Entertainment Industry who juggles both singing and acting career together. He is a rising actor and is also a singer. He has acted in several movies, recently he got married to one of his co-stars, Nana Komatsu who he starred in multiple movies.


6. Crystal Kay 

Crystal Kay is a singer, songwriter actress. She was born to mixed-race parents, her mother is Japanese and Korean while her father is African and American. The singer-actress has worked in several acting gigs such as movies and television series. Crystal was born in 1986 and has worked with several big artists across the world.


7. Erika Sawajiri

Erika Sawajiri is a singer, actress, and model. She was born in 1986. She first debuted as a model and then later transitioned into an actress. Later she also debuted as a singer and has been performing well as a singer with the stage name "Erika."


8. Sayaka Akimoto 

Sayaka Akimoto is a Japanese idol, actor, and singer. She was a member of the J-pop girl group AKB48. She has done several acting gigs such as musicals and stage plays, movies, and television series. She is one of the successful idol-actor in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.


9. Yui 

Yui is one of the most popular and loved Japanese artists of all time. She is a singer and actress. Her birth name is Yui Yoshioka. Yui is one of the top-selling Japanese artists having sold over 5 million physical copies of the album. Yui has also acted in movies and has gained an appreciation for acting skills.


10. Kazuya Kamenashi

Another idol on this list, Kazuya Kamenashi is a member of the boy group KAT-TUN.  Apart from being a singer and the vocalist for KAT-TUN he is also a recognized actor and model.  He has done notable acting gigs for multiple movies and dramas.