Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies And Dramas That Started Fashion Trends

Chinese films have always been known for their creative and artistic output. In recent years, Chinese films have begun to gain a worldwide following for their groundbreaking fashion trends. Here are ten Chinese movies and dramas that started a fashion trend:

1. A Little Thing Called First Love (Drama)

Released: October 23, 2019- November 21, 2019

Director: Qi Xiaohui

Cast: Lai Kuan-lin, Wang Runze, Chai Wei, Zhao Jinmai

Episodes: 36


It's the story of an ordinary girl who falls in love with the most popular boy in school and embarks on a journey of self-discovery throughout college. She decides to make a change. To raise her grades, she joins school clubs, learns about fashion, and studies hard. Each day brings more color to her ordinary life.


2. Count Your Lucky Stars (Drama)

Released: August 3, 2020- September 3. 2020

Director: Lin Zi Ping

Cast: She Yue, Jerry Yan

Episodes: 34

Genre: Romantic Comedy


Lu Xingcheng, known for being arrogant, is the editor-in-chief of a magazine and is considered a pro in the World of Fashion. He is a lucky man who has everything he wants. Meanwhile, Tong Xiaoyou (She Yue) is a not-so-famous fashion designer with bad luck. Until one day, because of an accidental kiss, their fates exchange.


3. Love Advanced Customization (Love Designer)

Released: May 19- June 21, 2020

Director: Shen Yang

Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Huang Jingyu, Zhang Xinyu

Episodes: 51

Genre: Romance, Business


A Fashion designer and an entrepreneur cross paths due to work. They come to cooperate because of business, love, and family. The various multi-generational characters grow up in each other's strengths to cultivate their relationship.


4. Fashion War

Released: February 29- March 20, 2016

Director: Created by Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited

Cast: Moses Chan, Him Law, Ali Lee, Sisley Choi, Joel Chan

Episodes: 20

Genre: Drama, Office Politics, Fashion


Fashion War is a TVB drama that gives old-fashioned palace intrigue a modern and trendy twist. 

Moses Chan, Sisley Chai, Ali Lee, Him Law, and Joel Chan appear in the series as employees of a famous fashion magazine struggling to maintain their position.


5. Let's Fashion Together 

Chinese Title: Ji Pin Mo Wang

Released: January 23, 2016

Director: Li Baen

Cast: Bea Hayden Kuo, Ming Ren Yankai, Zhang Wanyi, Lee Hyeon Jae, Cheng Xiyu

Episodes: 30

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Inspirational


Everything started at a fashion Show when a newbie Didi ( Cheng Xi), with four models, accidentally destroyed an antique sculpture. To pay off the debt, everyone puts their hopes on the projects that will earn them big bucks. 


6. Our Glamorous Time

Released: November 12- December 9, 2018

Director: Zhang Feng

Cast: Zhao Liying, Jin Han, Yu Haoming, Jonny Zhang, Cao Xiwen

Episodes: 50

Genre: Drama, Romance, Workplace


Our Glamorous Time is a Chinese tv series based on a novel by Ding Mo. 

The drama revolves around a former military officer turned CEO and a young white-collar worker. The CEO Li Zhicheng has been unsuccessful in his ventures and is on the verge of bankruptcy until Lin Qian ends up helping to revive the company, and they fall in love.


7. My Love, Enlighten Me

Chinese Title: Nuan Nuan Qing Duo Zhi Jiao

Released: May 13, 2020- May 28, 2020

Director: Wang Yan

Cast: Liang Jing Kang, Pei Zi Tian, Eleanor Lee, Li Xi Meng, Li Ming Jun

Episodes: 24

Genre: Romance, Comedy


A 22-year-old girl is a member of a girl group who gets forced to leave her idol group before her debut. But after the encounter with Han Che, she is inspired to become a designer.


8. The Fox's Summer (Fox Falls in Love)

Released: April 5, 2017

Director: Yu Zhongzhong

Cast: Jiang Chao, Tan Songyun, Ji Xiaobing, Daniel Zhang Xin

Episodes: 44

Genre: Romance, Comedy


The Fox's Summer is a Chinese tv series based on an online novel by Shen Cangmei, titled When President Falls in Love.

The adopted son Of the Gu family, Gu Chengze, is taken as a guide of the rightful heir Gu Jinyu. He meets a fashion designer Li Yanshu and hires her to motivate Jinyu, the ex-boyfriend of Yanshu. But during the process, Chengze falls in love with her.


9. Sleepless Fashion

Chinese Title: Yu Shi Shang Tong Ju

Released: October 21, 2011

Director: Lichuan Yin

Cast: Vic Chou, Xiao Chun, Suet Lam, Kimi Qiao, Alan Tam

Genre: Drama, Romance


Zhou Xiaohui, a rising journalism star, got professional recognition from Ming Shang and Alex three years ago. However, Alex starts feeling threatened by Zhou Xiaohui and plans to set him up and get fired. Zhou Xiaohui gets angry and leaves Ming Shang with Assistant Editor and Xiaoping to start his fashion magazine Modern Magazine.


10. Sunshine Of My Life

Released: March 17, 2021- April 9, 2021

Director: Tien Jen Huang

Cast: Zhang Han, Xu Lu, Hong Yao, Wang Rui Zi

Episodes: 45

Genre: Romance, Drama


Tang Ming Xuan, a workaholic general manager of a successful fashion group, is a consummate professional and has resolved to remain single to focus on business. But life changes after he meets Tang Fei, a lively young designer studying in Europe.