Article: Top Ten Thai Celebrity Chefs

Working as a chef allows you to be more creative and affords you more freedom than almost any other job. Cooking also encourages you to experiment with different flavours and make changes. Even recipes are only suggestions; you may alter the proportions and add new components to make a dish uniquely yours. And here are a few Thai chefs.

1. McDang

Sirichalerm Svastivadhana is a well-known Thai chef, gourmet specialist, and book author. He is ranked number one among Thailand's top ten chefs. He is the first Thai gourmet expert to have his instructional course at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, called Principle of Thai Cookery. McDang has written almost eight novels since 1998. He also writes a “McDang Guide” column in the daily newspaper Daily News, which features outstanding food and unique places from Thailand and across the world.


2. Ian Kittichai

Ian Kittichai, a culinary expert, is ranked second among the top ten Thai cooks. He is a gourmet expert, inventor, and TV personality who has won several awards. He constantly pushes the boundaries of foods and customs with his vast collection of restaurants, cookbooks, events, and consulting all over the globe.


3. Nooror Somany Steppe

Chef Nooror Somany Steppe was born in Thailand's Chachoengsao region, where her sister ran a little restaurant for many years. Having had minimal exposure to food throughout her youth, she developed a passion for Thai cuisine, fueled by her mother. The later demonstrated culinary art with her mysterious formulae from a young age. Chef Nooror was able to combine Thai food in a new direction as a conclusion of all of this, and Blue Elephant eateries grew.


4. Nan Bunyasaranand

Her culinary foundations were formed first at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and later at the Michelin-starred Lorenz Adlon café at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. While in New York, she studied at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). She completed an externship with Jean-George Vongerichten and then worked with Thomas Keller, one of America's most renowned culinary experts. When she arrived in Thailand, he built Tastebuds, an entrance feasting administration, and five years later, in 2012, he developed Little Beast, a modern French American diner.


5. Apirawat Chaopo

Chef Mai spent three years at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok's Le Normandie, honing his skills under the guidance of three Michelin-starred chefs. His passion for food and other culinary methods sprang from this. Everything on the platter, he believes, must be edible, gorgeous, and delightful. He developed his own East meets West style using unique ways, starting with a model French institution. He was crowned Thailand's Iron Chef in 2014.


6. Tom Halpin

He is the most outstanding and insanely talented chef in Thailand's history. Iron Chef Tom Halpin is known for his unusual tastes, even though he is frequently a businessman. His abilities are mind-blowing, and he can undoubtedly duplicate a wide range of foods. His meals are a unique mix of Japanese cuisine.


7. Thitid Tassanakajoh

Thailand was where I received my education. Chef Ton studied at the Culinary Institute of America in the United States (CIA). 

He went home to demonstrate his inventive ability in combining cutting-edge techniques with important Asian tastes. His nourishment combines the tasty and magnificent with a delicate, devious presentation.


8. Samak Sundaravej

He is a well-known Thai writer and culinary expert who served as Thailand's senior administrator from January to September 2008. He was the first Thai executive to be legitimately elected after Thaksin Shinawatra was deposed as prime minister in a military coup in September 2006.


9. Thai Changthong

Thai Changthong is the Executive Chef of the Thai-Kun restaurant group in Austin, Texas. Thai, who hails from Bangkok, Thailand, brought his “O.G. Thai” cuisine to Austin in an immense manner. Chef Thai started Spin Modern Thai with EK Timrek up North after preparing under Paul Qui at Uchi and Uchiko, but he subsequently found his way back to working with Chef Paul Qui at Paul's flagship diner qui.


10. Jet Tila

Tila is a fantastic cook with a wealth of expertise. His numerous accomplishments in the culinary industry continue to flourish to this day. Tila teamed up with the Compass Group, the world's largest food administration business, to launch Modern Asian Kitchen, another quick and simple Pan-Asian concept, across the country in 2013.