Article: Top 10 Japanese Voice Artist

The skill of providing voice-overs to depict a character or give information to an audience is known as voice acting. Voice actors/actresses are sometimes known as voice artists, voice talent, voice-over artists, or voice-over talent. In other words, voice acting is a performance art in which performers use their voices to entertain or advertise to an audience. Being able to execute impressions or character voices is not enough; some acting abilities are needed. Because voice actors are unique on television, their talent is visible only via their voices. Here are some incredible Japanese voice artists.

1. Yuki Kaji 

Yuki Kaji is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer who is represented by the agency VIMS. Shion in No. 6, Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan, Lyon Vastia in Fairy Tale, Issei Hyodo in High School DxD, Shu Ouma in Guilty Crown, Alibaba in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and many more. Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin's Kazuya Ichinose and Akio Fudou, Citron (Clemont in English dub) in Pokémon the Series: XY, Meliodas and Zeldris in The Seven Deadly Sins, Yukine in Noragami, Sonic in One-Punch Man, and Speed-O'Sound Sonic in One-Punch Man. Kanato Sakamaki as Kanato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers, Finnian as the Black Butler, Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia, and Kozume Kenma in Haikyu. In 2009, he received the Best Rookie Actor Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards. He received the Best Voice Actor Award two years in a row at the 7th and 8th Seiyu Awards, in 2013 and 2014.


2. Mamoru Miyano 

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese actor, singer, and voice actor. Steins; Gate, Durarara!!, Death Note, Soul Eater, Wolf's Rain, Ouran High School Host Club, Ajin: Demi-Human, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Free!, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Hunter x Hunter, Chihayafuru, Bungo Stray Dogs, Uta no Prince-Sama, and Zombieland Saga are among his most well-known roles. At the 1st Seiyu Awards, he was nominated for the Death Note award and won the "Best Voice Actor" award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair. He received the "Best Lead Actor Award" at the 2nd Seiyu Awards for his roles as Setsuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Hakugen Rikuson in Ktetsu Sangokushi. King Records published his debut song, "Kuon" ( lit. Eternity). Break, his debut album was released in March 2009.


3. Daisuke Ono 

Daisuke Ono ( Ono Daisuke, born May 4, 1978) is a Japanese voice actor and singer who won best lead actor at the 4th and 9th Seiyu Awards for his roles as Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler, Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Shukuro Tsukishima in Bleach, as well as "Best Personalities" at the 9th Seiyu Awards. Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan, Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog, Drole in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Shizuo Heiwajima in Durarara!! are other famous roles.


4. Hiroshi Kamiya 

Hiroshi Kamiya is a voice actor, singer, and narrator from Japan who works with Aoni Production. Famous for his roles as Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan, Trafalgar Law in One Piece, Mephisto Pheles in Blue Exorcist, Izaya Orihara in Durarara!!, Shinji Mat in the Fate franchise, Takashi Natsume in Natsume Yjin Ch, Choromatsu in Mr Osomatsu, Akashi Seijuro in Kuroko's Basketball, and Takashi Natsume in Natsume Yujin Cho.


5. Kana Hanazawa 

Kana Hanazawa is a Japanese actress, voice actor, and singer born on February 25, 1989. Nadeko Sengoku in Monogatari, Anri Sonohara in Durarara!!, Angel / Kanade Tachibana in Angel Beats!, Kuroneko / Ruri Gok in Oreimo, Mayuri Shiina in Steins; Gate, Akane Tsunemori in Psycho-Pass, Kosaki Onodera in Nisekoi, and Chiaki Nanami in Danganronpa.


6. Saori Hayami

Saori Hayami is a Japanese singer and voice actor. I'm Enterprise, her agency, represents her. She is signed to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan as a vocalist. Hayami was named Best Supporting Actress at the 10th Seiyu Awards. Yui Kusanagi appears in Ludere Deorum.


7. Yuichi Nakamura 

Yuichi Nakamura is a voice actor, narrator, and YouTuber from Japan. As of October 1, 2020, he was a member of the agency INTENTION. His calm and clear voice distinguishes him and primarily portrays parts ranging from adolescent boys to adults in their 30s. He has extensive expertise in narration, but he has also worked in animation and dubbing in many films, including Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tale and Mumen Rider in One Punch Man.


8. Takahiro Sakurai 

Takahiro Sakurai is an Aichi Prefecture, Japan-based voice actor, narrator, and radio broadcaster. He is presently a member of INTENTION. His notable roles include X in Mega Man X and Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII Compilation, as well as villains such as Maximilien Robespierre in Le Chevalier D'Eon, Hiltz in Zoids: Guardian Force, and Sasori in Naruto Shippden. In Ace of Diamond, he played the main character Miyuki Kazuya. Since Twilight, he has been the official Japanese dub voice for Robert Pattinson. His vocal range is tenor.


9. Jun Fukuyama 

Jun Fukuyama is a Japanese voice actor and singer who has portrayed characters such as Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass, Koro-sensei in Assassination Classroom, Ichimatsu in Osomatsu-san, Yuta Togashi in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Hero in Maoyu, Misaki Yata in K, Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHOLiC.


10. Junichi Suwabe 

Junichi Suwabe is a Tokyo-based Japanese singer and voice actor. He's a member of Haiky's group. His most famous roles are Keigo Atobe in The Prince of Tennis, Victor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on ICE, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in Bleach, Freed Justine in Fairy Tale, Yami Sukehiro in Black Clover, Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen, Archer in Fate/stay Night, Ren Jinguji in Uta no Prince-Sama.