Article: Ten Japanese Actresses Who Got Pregnant Before Marriage

Traditionally, marriage was believed to be a sacred bond between two people, and the joy of motherhood was experienced after it. But recently, there has been a spike in pregnancy before marriage all over the world, especially in Japan. It is locally known as “Dekichatta Kekkon” or “Dekikon”, which translates to “oops-we-did-it-marriage”, which indicates an unwanted pregnancy. According to Health Labour and Welfare Ministry, most Japanese brides are pregnant during their marriage. The rise of Dekikon among celebrities in Japan has introduced another phrase Sazukari-kon, which means a blessed marriage. Below are some stars with these marriages:

1. Emi Takei

23-year-old Emi Takei caught the Japanese audience off guard by announcing her sudden marriage and pregnancy with Takahiro from the pop group Exile. This information caused a backlash among the audience as Japanese celebrities are forbidden marriage and pregnancy during campaigns. Hence the news brought the potential loss of billions of yens to Takei’s agency and penalty fees.

2. Natsuna Watanabe

The famous Gantz series actress announced pregnancy through her agency and withdrew from the new NHK drama. Popularly known as Natsuna, the actress with her excellent acting skills has the audience mesmerized and unanimously voted as the only female candidate who can act against powerful male actors like Kazuya Ninomiya and Kenichi Matsuya.

3. Yoko Maki

26-year-old actress, Yoko Maki, announced that she was married and pregnant. The actress believes she has been blessed with a new life and carries on in her way. She intends to get back to work after the birth of the newborn. No press conference was planned.

4. Namie Amuro

On October 22, during a press conference, Namie confirmed her marriage to Masaharu “Sam” Maruyama of the band TRF. She also announced that she had been three months pregnant. By the end of the year, the actress had won the Grand Prix Award and legally changed her name to Namie Maruyama.

5. Ami Suzuki

Suzuki announced her marriage and pregnancy with a non-celebrity whom she had been dating for six months in 2016. Currently a mother of three, she continues to carry out her activities at her own pace.

6. Kaori Iida

In 2007, Kaori Iida announced that she was two weeks pregnant through her agency. Also that she was going to marry Kenji, a former member of the 7 house. After Morning Musume’s 10th anniversary concert, she took her maternity leave. Unfortunately, in the same year, the newborn had died due to renal failure.

7. Nozomi Tsuji

Nozomi has announced her plans to get engaged to Taiyo Sugiura, whom she had only met 11 months ago, and declared that she was pregnant. Both entertainers apologized to the public while being praised and criticized by other renowned artists. Now a mother of four, she continued with her activities once the backlash had calmed.

8. Meisa Kuroki

The singer made her tv acting debut in 2004 in the drama, Medaka. In February 2012, she married actor and pop singer Jin Akanishi from the band KAT-TUN. And in the same week, it was revealed through the media that she was pregnant. The little one was named “Theia.”

9. Riisa Naka

The one-quarter Swedish and three-quarters Japanese singer Riisa Naka announced plans to marry Akiyoshi Nakao in 2013. Six months later, the newlywed had their first son at a hospital in Tokyo. She continued her acting career after the birth of her child and was about to star in the movie Tokyo MER.

10. Rie Miyazawa 

One of Japan’s top actresses, Rie Miyazawa, announced that she was six months pregnant with Hiroyuki Nakatsu, an ex-pro surfer from Hawaii, in 2009. Later that year, she birthed a baby girl. Unfortunately, the couple divorced a few years later. Currently, she is going strong and steady in her career after the separation.