Article: Top Thai Actors Who Learnt Martial Arts

Thailand is famous for its action movies such as Ong Bak, Chocolate, Born to Fight, etc. Let’s know about the top Thai actors who have excellent skills in martial arts and fighting techniques:

1. Jaa Phenom

Jaa Phenom, popularly known as Tony Jaa worldwide, is a famous Thai actor, stuntman, martial artist, director, and action choreographer. For 14 years, Tony worked as a stuntman and doubled actor for many actors.  Tony’s breakout film was ‘Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior,’ released in 2003.  Tony believed in doing all the fighting scenes without any doubles or stuntman.  This movie made him worldwide famous.  The other films where he showed his fighting skills and techniques are Tom-Yum-Goong, The Bodyguard, Furious 7, etc.


2. Jeeja Yanin

Jeeja Yanin is a famous Thai actress and martial artist. Jeeja is also known as ‘Chicha’ Vismitananda. Jeeja is a black belt taekwondo champion and was highly inspired by Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Tony Jaa, and she learned martial art techniques and moves.  Jeeja showed excellent fighting skills in the film ‘Chocolate’ and its sequel ‘Chocolate 2.’ Jeeja’s dedication and skills allowed her the great opportunity to work with her ideal ‘Tony Jaa’ in the film ‘The Protector 2.’


3. Chupong Changprung

Chupong Changprung is also a famous Thai action movie actor, stuntman, director, and action choreographer internationally called ‘Dan Chupong.’  Chupong believes in fitness and thus has running and gymnastics in his daily routine.  Chupong started his career in the Thai film industry as a member of a stuntmen team and later played leading roles in action movies such as ‘Born to Fight’ and ‘Dynamic Warrior.’  Chupong also made a special appearance in the film ‘Somtum.’


4. Asante Suwan

Asante Suwan is a Thai actor and has done fighting movies such as “Beautiful Boxer” and “The Forest.”  As by profession, he was a fighter for several years but was offered a fighting film ‘Beautiful Boxer’ in 2004 when he was 22 years old, and now, he has become a famous movie actor. The film made him a world-famous actor and also won several awards. Hence, the Thai celebrities mentioned above are some of the Thai celebs who are experts in Martial arts too and have excellent fighting skills.