Article: Top Ten Chinese Celebrities Who Love Visiting Churches

In Christianity, worshiping god is a commandment. People; meet on Sundays to worship god and give him thanks. They; are also strengthened around other believers when they see faith and hear experiences and testimonies. Engaging; in church and presenting your time and talents will enhance and support you and the people around you. The; Bible says the church is a body, with Jesus as the head and for a body to work, every member is important and must do its parts (Ephesians 4:16). Here; is a list of the top eight Chinese actors who love visiting churches.

1. Jia Zhigang

Jia Zhigang is an actor known for The Coffin in the mountain (2014) and Half Mirror (2019). He loves visiting churches as he formally accepted the gospel of the kingdom of almighty god; however, he flew from China to South Korea with his family only for free living and to practice faith. He; also makes an effort to direct some gospel movies and documentaries that expose persecution and violation of human rights in china.

2. Mark Lee

Mark Lee, the Christian actor famous for his character, “ Su Peisheng, ” from “ Empresses in the Palace, ” loves to pay visits to church, but he wasn’t from a Christian background; he followed Buddhism. Over; time, he felt god’s presence for the first time when a Christian couple who were his friends prayed for him. Later; Mark Lee began to believe in god and wended into church with his wife. His baptism was in, the year 2005.

3. Jiang Liping

Jiang Liping, the Christian celebrity known for acting in the films “ Pale Passion ” and “ The romancing stars, ” loves going to church; she joined the church activities at a young age. She; also shares testimonies. It; is rarely known that she once published the gospel album “ Thank you for your love, ” which is the first local gospel album published worldwide.

4. Sheren Tang

Deng Cui Wen, also known as Sheren Tang, is a devout Christian who loves visiting churches. Being; the first Hong Kong actress to win the best actress award, Deng says she trusts in god, and god`s talking with her can satisfy her spirit, mind, and body. Deng; received peace and freedom she would never find in the world, and only god can give. Deng Cui Wen has known god since she was little as she studied at a Christian school.

5. Yuan Li

Yuan Li, also known as “ China`s Audrey Hepburn ” or “ China`s Mother Teresa, ” is a devout Christian. She became a Christian in 2007 as she experienced “ moving of the spirit ” and has been excited to serve the lord ever since.  Yuan Li; prays before every meal. She loves to visit church and study theology in her spare time.

6. Lu Liping

Lu Liping is well known for bold and sometimes aggressive Christian witnesses as well-known actors. She is a protestant, regular to church, reads the bible, is a passionate believer, and frequently mentions her beliefs; overall, she has a strong faith in god. Once; she couldn’t help crying out “ thanks to almighty god ” and loaded a public speech with biblical passages.

7. Sun Haiying

The famous Chinese actor Sun Haiying is from a Christian community; he is a protestant who is very regular at church. Sun Haiying also labeled homosexuality “ A sin against humanity, ” and one of his other comments is “ Christians in all occupations and workplaces should return the glory to god using the excellent gifts god blessed them. ”

8. Kary Ng

Kary Ng is a celebrity, known for “ Love Is Not All Around, ” “ Ngor dik zeoi oi, ” and “ love @ First Note. ”. She wasn’t a born Christian; Kary Ng converted to Christianity by receiving baptism on Jan 10th year 2016. Kary; shares her faith the excellent news publicly on her microblog, “ Today I’m baptized! Thank Lord!; ”

9. JJ Lin

JJ Lin is well known for his songwriting and singing skills. He regularly attends church, likes to pray, and works on gospel music. JJ Lin designs products to help left-behind children in china; the earnings are donated to the kids, so the dreams of the children are fulfilled. As; a Christian, Lin did not fling away from using his power to spread love and encouragement.

10. Louis Cheung

Louis Cheung is a well-known actor. Louis is recognized in IP Man 3, Keeper of Darkness, and Chungking Mansions. He is a Christian by birth and is proud and pleased with it. Louis Cheung got baptized to prove his genuine faith in Jesus Christ. He visits church regularly.