Article: Ten Thai Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Were Arrested

Assuming that fame gives glamourous life but few Thai celebrity are not what they seem to commit unforgivable crimes, here is the list of some arrested Thai celebrities.

1.Thanapat Thanchakulphisan

Thanapat ThanachakulphisanThanapat "Toy Toy'"hanachakulphisan, a Thai actor, inadvertently killed his lover following a fight over a knife. Thanapat is still in custody, according to reports. While his "arrest" may not appear to be a significant development in the story, it was previously unclear if the police questioned Thanapat or had been detained and charged with something. However, photographs of the actor in handcuffs have surfaced.


2. Amy Thidawanon

According to and the Naewna newspaper, a warrant was issued to arrest a former actress of Dutch-Thai ancestry, her suspended sentence for drug use by the Court of First Instance was overturned on appeal today to 33 years four months in prison. Amy Thidawanon, a former actress and Miss Teen Thailand 2006 winner, was arrested in September 2017, and her partner Punyawat Hirantecha on charges of conspiring to have crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy tablets in their possession for use and sale.


3. Nur Sajat 

Thai immigration officers detained Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman, according to Harian Metro, citing an unidentified source. The arrest was made on September 8, 2021, after Malaysian police provided information about Nur Sajat's whereabouts in Bangkok, Thailand. According to the Malay-language tabloid's source, the 36-year-old was detained in a luxury condominium in Bangkok with a male and a Thai woman during the immigration raid.


4. Dechatorn Hockhacker Bamrungmuang 

Dechathorn was brought to a local police station for "documentation," and Thai Lawyers for Human Rights believe he is detained because of his musical performances at the rallies. In a tweet, Attorney June Sirikan confirmed the arrests.


5. Ratchadech Wongtabut

In Thailand, a male model is arrested for reportedly dragging an unconscious woman home, bragging about his sexual exploits on social media, and leaving her lifeless body in the lobby of his building. In a widely publicized case, police charged Ratchadech Wongtabut with illegal detention leading to death, kidnapping with the intent to conduct an indecent act, and molestation.

Ratchadech Wongtabut thai celebrity


6. Sek Loso

As a result of an incident on New Year's Eve 2017, Seksan "Sek Loso" Sookpimay, a rock musician, will serve 42 months in prison. Seksan, 47, was arrested on December 31, 2017, at around 6 p.m., on charges of resisting arrest, threatening police with a pistol, and using drugs.


7.Yuyee Alissa Intusmith

Former Thai supermodel Alissa "Yuyee" Intusmith was arrested in 2012 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.After police discovered a bag of cocaine on her. Yuyee, who appeared suspicious, was searched, and five milligrams of cocaine, as well as medicine pills, were discovered in her purse.

Yuyee Alissa Intusmith thai celebrity


8. Yui Rojjana

Yui spent most of her nights in New York clubbing with model pals. She wouldn't get back to her flat until the early hours of the morning. She continued the trend in Milan, Paris, and London, where she was chosen to model the latest collections from the world's most prestigious designers. Yui's career and reputation suffered as a result of her heavy drinking. She became addicted to drink and drugs, and she began missing modeling assignments, resulting in her arrest.


9. Patcharin Judrabounpol

Patcharin Judrabounpol also, known as Namfon was accused of possessing a Schedule 1 substance.


10. Touch Na Takuathung

In 1997, He was apprehended in a nearby condominium. In a drug case, there is a Tha Phra Intersection. The song was omitted from the beginning of the fifth studio album Touch Cyclone, which was released in 1998. Following that, Na Takuatung released four more studio albums before resuming her singing career as Luk Thung (Thai country song).

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