Article: Top 10 Quotes From Our Blues

Our Blues is one of the highest-rated slice-of-life dramas of 2022. It garnered a good number of ratings and views both internationally and domestically. The drama is star-studded with many versatile and brilliant actors such as Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min-Ah, and many prominent actors and actresses. Set on Jeju Island, the drama showcases the different types of people dealing with opposite circumstances. The drama covered contrasting topics such as teenage pregnancy, depression, motherly’ love, the concept of have-nots, and many more. Here’s the top 10 quotes from Our Blues that will motivate and inspire you.

 1. There is one thing we must remember in our lifetime. We weren’t born in this world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy.

The lines depicted at the end of the drama remind all the viewers that we should always strive to be happy. Nothing will come out of acting miserable.

2. I feel like I’m in the dark even during the day. Even when I’m surrounded by bright lights just like now, if I get sick, it all just turns dark.

The lines said by Shin Min-Ah depict what natural depression is like. It shows how a person feels when he goes through a phase of their life when they feel numb and empty.

 3. At times, I hated being poor. But back then, I used to laugh a lot when I was with you, guys. I wasn’t lame or exhausted with the life I am in now.

Han Su conveys how adulating brought many responsibilities over his shoulder. He was missing his carefree childhood days when he had nothing to do but play with friends.

 4. It’s okay for someone to hate you when they don’t know you very well. If someone who didn’t know me well went around calling me names behind my back, I’d laugh it off. But you know me better than anyone else in the world. That’s why it’s hard for me to laugh it off.

When close friends say something wrong about us, it hurts.

 5. You can’t just thoughtlessly trust someone when they haven’t done anything to gain your trust.

The lines said by Jeong Jun clearly show the careful side of human nature. It conveys how one should be cautious while trusting someone. The world is full of bad people, and we never know when the other person can stab us.

 6. It feels like a wet blanket is covering my entire body. And everything is dark. Despite all those lights, I can’t see any of them when I’m depressed. It’s all black.

As Seona conveys her inner thoughts and feelings, she tells people how lousy depression is. She cries continuously and feels lost.

 7. There’s no way he can tell if I want to overcome this illness or not. Like all patients who suffer from depression, I want to get better.

As Seona states, she wants to get better too. Nobody wants to deal with depression for real. It shows how even words can’t help people suffering with depression.

 8. She never said she loved me or was sorry. My mom, Kang Ok-Dong, made a bowl of my favorite food, doenjang stew. Then she returned to where she used to be.

Dong Seok, realized how much he loved his mother upon seeing her dead body. He never really resented. He longed for her affection and love.

 9. Whenever life feels suffocating, look behind you. You’ll find a whole new world.

The lines said by Dong-Seok tell his significant others that stop fearing the things that aren’t even there. He tries to cheer up Seona, who is suffering from depression. He even tells her that she can call him anytime.

10. When there is a lot on your mind. Just keep yourself super busy. I stay active every day, otherwise I overthink.

One way to cope with depression is to keep yourself busy. The busier you get, the more productive you are. Life feels more energetic and lively then. It brings a beautiful change to life also.