Article: Top 10 Legendary Thai Singers

The versatility of singers makes them legends. Thailand is full of a divine range of singers. From Thai-pop to Thai country songs, you can find all varieties of original music which different degrees. Lukthung (Thai country music) singers with sweet, soothing, and soulful voices in their songs make it nostalgic for regular Thai music listeners. Like K-pop, T-pop singers dominate the world with their voice and voice range.These are the real gold of Thailand. For someone looking to expand their music range or who wants to listen to new music, you should listen to these legends of Thailand.

1. Tata Young 

She is known as the “pop queen of Asia.” Tata Young is the most famous singer in Thailand. She participated in a national singing competition at eleven and won. Since then, she is making music. In 1995 she released her first album called Amita Tata Young, after her full name. Tata has released eight albums; 5 in the Thai language and 3 in English. In between the 2000's she gained popularity in south-east Asia. She is also known as "Britney of Asia."


2. Thongchai McIntyre 

Also known as Bird Thongchai or Phi bird or simply Bird, is a legendary Thai singer and actor. He is the number one superstar of Thailand, and one of the most successful singers of all time. He has a record of selling over 25 million copies of albums. He is best known for T-pop and luk thung music or Thai country music. He was the first Thai artist to receive an international MTV award for his acting in the sunset at Chaopraya.


3. Jintara Poonlarp 

Jintara is a Thai singer with genres like Mor lam (folk form), Luk Thung(pop-country music), and pop music. She has several watermarks of short hair with bangs which make her unique. Jintara started her music career when she was in her teens. She is one of the most famous Thai singers having music compositions with over 50 original albums, 47 singles as well as many other compilations. She is sometimes known as Jin.


4. Suraphol Sombatcharoen 

He was the Thai Luk Thung singer and was known as “king of luk thung."He was one of the most influential singers of the genre. He was known as Thai Elvis because of his popularity at the same time as Elvis Presley. He has composed more than 100 songs, and they are all influenced by various cultures like Hollywood film music, American country music, Malay pop, and many more. His first hit came out in 1954, called Nam Ta Sao Wieng, meaning Tears if a Lao girl. Unfortunately, he got shot in his car after a live performance in 1968.


5. Pumpuang Duangjan 

She was the queen and the megastar of Thailand. She was a Thai singer and actor who pioneered electronic Lukthung, which is a dance-ready type of song. She is considered a very significant singer and symbol of Thai songs culture. She is loved by millions of people. She converted Thai country songs into a new look of electronic way. She died in a deplorable way.


6. Chalerpol Malakham 

He is a famous singer from Isan, Thailand. He is known for his genres of music such as Luk Thung, Mor Lam (traditional Lao songs). He is also one of the talented performers of Kantrum (type of folk song). He is different from other singers as most of his songs are often Northern Khmer a dialect of the Thai language. In the 2011 Thai general elections, he registered himself as, a member of the house of representatives of Thailand. He is elected headman in Ban Tha Charoen, a district in Thailand.


7. Siriporn Ampaipong 

Siriporn is a Thai singer in mor lam (traditional Lao music form) and lukthung (Thai country music). Most of her songs are sentimental ballads. Between 2001 and 2004, she has released eight hit albums. She is known as one of the legendary folk singers of Thailand. She has spent 74 weeks on charts. Her notable works are kid hod, Parinya Jai, bow rak si dam.


8. Monkaen Kaenkoon 

Monkaen, also known as Monkan Kankoon, is a famous Thai mor lam, Lukthung (Thai country-pop music) singer. His father taught him music, and later, when he served the military for his country for two years, Sala Khunnawut inspired him to become a singer. He released his first album in 2005. He also provided scholarships to poor students and built homes for them in Pilaiporn Sonklang. Recently he was revealed as the most viewed YouTube singer in Thailand.


9. Lalisa Manoban 

Also known as Lisa, she is a Thai rapper, singer, and member of a South Korean girl band called Blackpink. Lisa is one of the most famous idols in Thailand as well as all over the world. She was the first non-Korean girl member to debut in a Korean group. Her debut solo “Lalisa” recorded 73.6 M views in 24 hours, breaking the previous record-holder Taylor Swift’s song Me! Later her songs were in the top 100 billboard charts on number 74. Lisa has influenced many idols who are working alongside her in Korea as well as Thailand.


10. Sayan Sanya 

Sayan Sanya was a famous Thai singer. He began his singing career in 1970 and recorded his first album in 1973. In the 1980s, he got famous for the song called Kai Ja. He became a famous singer and a performer who sings luk thung genre songs. He was in the Thai industry for 40 years.