Article: 10 Thai Dramas About Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue, and Thai dramas use the medium of drama to portray it. These dramas increase attention toward anti-bullying societies. These dramas emphasize checking youngsters and communicating with them. These dramas will have a massive impact on the audience.

1. The Gifted

The series is about a school starting a secret program, and the student with a below-average student gets into the program. The program is about discovering special powers.

2. Girl From Nowhere

The series is about a mysterious girl transferring to a new school. She exposes the lies of the school administrations and the bullies.

3. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

The series is about a poor girl transferring to a school filled with elites after receiving a scholarship. The famous gang of boys bullies her, and she stands up against them.

4. Happy Birthday 

The story is about a boy born on the day her sister died. The boy’s parents never celebrated his birthday. He gets his sister's room on his birthday and talks to her spirit.

5. Who Are You

The series is about a student without parents. She gets bullied to the extent she attempts to take her life. She survives and loses her memory. She wakes up as a new person.

6. My Forever Sunshine

The series is about a girl forced to live with a boy after her father dies. They both are not fond of each other and get in trouble.

7. The Comments

The series is about a girl taking her life on a live stream, in the same way, her favorite idol took her life. After her death, her brother is determined to find the reason behind her sister's steps.

8. Blacklist

The series is about a brother joining a school to find his missing sister. He is invited to a secret society that deals with the mystery of the school.

9. The Judgement

The series is about a girl involved in an unfortunate incident. She becomes the target of bullies and tries to change the perspective in her school.

10. Ugly Duckling Series: Don’t

The story is about a girl publicly humiliated after her crush rejects her in front of the entire school. She starts thinking of herself as ugly and lives in a shell.