Article: Top Ten K-Dramas About Grief  

In this list, we are talking about some K-dramas that deal with grief and loss. These K-dramas can be a healing watch for some. These dramas have an emotional, and heart-felt storyline that can bring healing and comfort to those watching.

1. Move To Heaven 

In this series, we follow Geu-Ra, a man with Asperger's. He works for his father. Geu is responsible for arranging and moving the items of deceased people. However, one day Ra’s father passes away. His only guardian is his uncle, Sang-Gu. Sang is a cold man who used to be a martial artist. Together they continue to run the business. This series is extremely heartfelt and moving. It shows us the turbulence of life and shows us how grief can envelop life.

2. My Mister 

We follow Ji-An, a young woman who has a difficult life. She supports her grandmother and is responsible for paying off their debts. She works at a construction company with a man named Dong-Hun. Ji witnesses that the Vice President of the company is having an affair with Dong’s wife. She decides to make an offer to the Vice President and promises to make Dong leave the company if she gets paid well.

3. Hi Bye Mama 

In this series, we follow Cha Yu-Ri, a woman’s spirit. She had died five years ago and had left her young daughter and her husband behind. Cha Yu loves her daughter dearly and tries to become human again by undergoing a reincarnation project for forty-nine days. Her husband, Jo Kang-Hwa, is a chest surgeon. This is a very emotional series. The love which Cha Yu has for her family, especially her daughter brings tears to our eyes. If you need an ugly cry at the end of your day, then this series is perfect for you.

4. Good Bad Mother

Choi Kang-Ho and Lee Mi-Joo had been childhood friends. Despite his hardships, Kang-Ho who is a prosecutor has always loved and protected Mi-Joo. Mi-Joo eventually falls pregnant with twins. However, before she can tell the news to Kang-Ho, they separate from each other. Mi-Joo had supported and loved Kang-Ho for years. When they meet each other again, years have passed. This series deals with the grief of parental loss and abandonment.

5. It’s Ok, This Is Love

In this series we follow Jang Jae-Yeol, who is a radio DJ and a writer. We see that Jang suffers from a disorder that plagues his life. We also follow Ji Hae-Soo, who is a first year in a fellowship program at a University Hospital. She is studying psychiatry. Jang and Ji Hae happened to cross paths with each other, and their lives changed forever.

6. It's Okay To Not Be Okay

In this series, we follow, Moon Kang-Tae, a nurse who works in a psychiatric ward. He is responsible for looking after the patients and to assist in unexpected cases. He works hard to earn money. He is also a protective and loving brother. He looks after his elder brother. We also follow, Ko Moon-Young, a famous author who has written several children’s books. Their path somehow crosses, and they slowly develop feelings for each other.

7. Our Blues

In this series, we follow the lives of various ordinary people and the challenges which they must face in their lives. We see how they all eventually move to Jeju Island and how their lives get entangled with each other. This series deals with not only trauma and grief but also depicts the struggles of depression and mental health issues. We follow the story of Lee Dong-Seok, who was born in Jeju and sells stuff from the trunk of his truck. We see how he comes across a woman named Min Seon-A, a woman struggling with her life.

8. Hello, My Twenties

In this series, we follow the lives of five college women, Yoon Jin-Myung, Jung Ye-Eun, Song Ji-Won, Kang Yi-Na, and Yoon Eun Jae. They are all roommates and share the same flat. They are at first strangers who seem annoyed with each other's presence. However, we soon see a bond and sisterhood develop between them. This series deals with grief and loss but more importantly, it shows us how to cope with that grief. It shows us how to live and move on with our lives. It shows us the need for a good support system.

9. Be Melodramatic

In this series, we follow the lives and struggles of Lim Jin-Joo, Lee Eun-Jung, and Hwang Han Joo. They are old friends who have been with each other through thick and thin. This series is one of the most emotional and heartfelt series I have ever seen. Again, this series shows us the importance of having a strong support system when it comes to dealing with grief. It shows us the difficulty of losing someone you love but it shows us the need for and importance of moving on and living life. This series has made me cry on several occasions hopefully it does the same for you.

10. Just Between Lovers

In this series, we follow the lives of Lee Gang-Doo and Ha Moon-Soo. Lee Gang had dreamed of becoming a well-known soccer player however after a leg injury he is unable to play anymore. He is also dealing with his father’s death. Lee Gang-Do is completely disillusioned with life, and this is when he comes across Ha Moon-Soo. Ha, Moon-Soo is also dealing with the death of her younger sibling. Together they help each other grieve and grow.