Article: Top Ten Award-Winning K-Dramas 

In this list, we are talking about some award-winning K-dramas to watch. These dramas have been regarded as some of the best K-dramas to watch of all time.

1. The World Of The Married

In this series, we follow the lives of Ji Sun-Won and Tae-Oh. Ji Sun-Won is an accomplished doctor, she is also married to Tae-Oh. She is also a doting mother. Everything seems to be well, but Tae-Oh is cheating on Sun-won. Lee Tae-Oh aspires to be a known movie director. He cheats on his wife and falls into a dangerous situation. This leads to a war between the couple.

2. The Glory

This series follows the life and the revenge scheme of a woman named Moon Dong-Eun. As a victim of school bullying, she vows to make the lives of those who tormented her, hell. Even though she was failed multiple times by her school, her teachers, the authorities as well and her mother, Moon Dong emerges like a phoenix and carries out her plan of revenge.

3. Squid Game  

In this series, we follow the life of Seong Gi-Hun, an unemployed, broke man. He learns about a mysterious survival game that has a forty-five million prize for the winner. Seong has nothing to lose and decides to take part in the game. His childhood friend Cho Sang-Woo decides to participate with him.

4. My Mister

We follow Ji-An, a young woman who has a difficult life. She supports her grandmother and is responsible for paying off their debts. She works at a construction company with a man named Dong-Hun. Ji witnesses that the Vice President of the company is having an affair with Dong’s wife. She decides to make an offer to the Vice President and promises to make Dong leave the company if she gets paid well.

5. The Light In Your Eyes 

In this series, we follow the life of Kim Hye-Ja, a woman who aspires to be an announcer. She is a bright and positive person. She suddenly gains the unusual power to manipulate time. Due to her powers, she turns into a seventy-year-old woman. We also follow Lee Joon-Ha, a man who wishes to be a reporter. He somehow gets involved with Kim Hye-Ja.

6. Juvenile Justice

In this series, we see the serious and heinous crimes committed by minors. Due to the legal system many times these offenders are let off without much punishment. Judge Sim Eun-Seok makes sure that these young offenders get the punishment they deserve. She is an elite judge, who seems cruel, cold, and unsocial to others. She uses her ways of punishing the criminals.

7. Beyond Evil

In this series, we follow the lives of Lee Dong-Sik and Han Joo-Won. Lee Dong-Sik was known to be a capable and hard-working detective. He works at Manyang Police Station in a peaceful and quiet city. He lives a quiet existence. One day a young detective named Han Joo-Woon gets transferred to the same station. They both become partners. At the same time, a serial murder case occurs in a peaceful city.

8. It's Okay To Not Be Okay  

In this series, we follow, Moon Kang-Tae, a nurse who works in a psychiatric ward. He is responsible for looking after the patients and to assist in unexpected cases. He works hard to earn money. He is also a protective and loving brother. He looks after his elder brother. We also follow, Ko Moon-Young, a famous author who has written several children’s books. Their path somehow crosses, and they slowly develop feelings for each other.

9. D.P

In this series, we follow An Jun-Ho, a soldier. He is a calm and stable person who is known for his tenacity and will. He is a very inflexible person. A sergeant named Park Beom-Gu transferred Jun-Ho to the D.P. or Deserter Pursuit team. Their mission is to catch and deal with deserters.

10. Hot Stove League

In this series, we follow the life of Baek Seung-Soo, a general manager of a professional baseball team. The team is named Dreams, and it ranks at the bottom of the league. The operations manager of the team is a passionate woman named Lee Se-Young.