Article: Top 10 Korean Movies That Will Leave You Blurry-Eyed

Korean movies are not made for people with weak hearts. Most movies are based on real-life incidents, which makes them heartwrenching. Listed below are Korean movies that will leave you blurry-eyed.

1. A Brand New Life

A Brand New Life is a Korean thriller movie about a 9-year-old girl, Jin-hee, whose father drops her at an orphanage after remarrying. He buys her new clothes and cakes to show her that she is going on a trip. But when his father didn't return for a long time, she understood that she was abandoned in the orphanage and didn't know how long she would live there until a couple from France adopted her.

2. I Can Speak

I Can Speak is the story of an elderly woman, Nah Ok-bun, notorious in her district for always filing complaints against her neighbor. They call her ‘Goblin Nanny.’ When a new junior civil service officer, Park Min Jae, is appointed in the district, she dislikes him because he doesn't listen to her. She wants to learn English and asks Park Min Jae to teach her. It is based on a real-life story.

3. Secret Sunshine

Secret Sunshine describes the story of Lee Shin-ae and her only child, Jun, who move to her dead husband's hometown, Miryang, to start a fresh life. She becomes a piano teacher and slowly tries to adjust. Then, a big tragic event follows her, which makes her and her child's life again miserable.

4. Ode To My Father

Ode To My Father is a Korean movie of 2014 based on wars situations. A young man, Yoon Deok-soo gets parted from his father and sister in the war with North Korea. Surviving a war without anyone to rely on becomes a nightmare for him.

5. Silenced 

Silenced is based on a real-life story, so it is requested to watch it with caution by checking the trigger warning as it is a sensitive story. Kang In-ho was appointed as an art teacher at the Benevolence Academy of Deaf students. He was excited to meet the kids and teach them. But he noticed every student was distant and tried to stay as far as possible from him. Until an ugly truth comes forth that these deaf students are physically, and sexually abused by the teachers, and the principal, administration, and police officers are also involved in it.

6. A Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver, a Korean movie based on a real-life story. A taxi driver, Kim Man-seob, ferries a German journalist, Peter, from Seoul to Gwangju. But, later, he regretted his decision as because of the trip, he became the target of the incidents that were happening around him. Incidents of life and death.

7. Pawn

Pawn is a heartwarming Korean movie. Doo-seok and Jung-bae work as a debt collector in Incheon. When they arrived to collect the debt from a young woman, Myung-Ja, she presented her daughter, Seung-Yi, in exchange. They take her with them. But when they know that Myung-ja is from a different country and has been deported back. Both become her guardians.

8. A Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy is a Korean movie about a girl about nineteen years old, Kim Sun-yi, who finds a lost boy in her houseyard. Her kind-hearted mother adopts him as he is lost in the war and names him Chul-soo. At first, she didn’t like him, but later, she started to train him like a dog. They formed a deep bond without knowing that Chul-soo is not a normal human.

9. Hope

Hope is based on a real-life event, and it is very heavy, so please proceed with caution only if you can handle it. A young girl, So-won, lives a normal life with her middle-class working parents. One day when she was on her way to school, she was kidnapped by a stranger male and was raped and beaten to death, but she survived. But her post-traumatic disorder gives goosebumps to the audience.

10. Miracle In Cell No. 7

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a heart-wrenching story of a girl child and her father. Yong-gu was sentenced to jail for a crime he did not commit. At first, his jail inmates didn’t like him, but when he saved the life of a gang leader, things started to get better. The gang leader asks to help Yong-gu, who asks to see his daughter. He sneaks his daughter, Ye-sung in and she becomes friends with the warden and his inmates.