Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies Based On Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek is something youngsters love to explore. Moreover, people from every age group have a special spot for it. Chinese movies are infamous for providing variety and stunning visuals, and they have been uplifting their industry year by year. So, they have been working on different themes, including the movie featuring a mountain trek. The film with excursions is enriched with beautiful scenery, visuals, flora, fauna, and the struggle to get there. So, here we will talk about the top 10 Chinese movies based on the mountain trek.

1. The Climbers

The Climbers is a must-movie for all trekking enthusiasts because it is based on the life events of the first Chinese climb to the Everest summit. The movie covers the fine version of all the hardships and challenges the climbers faced while trying to reach the top. The film covers China’s effort to conquer the Great Everest, including the national pride associated with this great achievement to the climbers.

2. Mountain Patrol

Mountain Patrol is a power-packed movie about the Tibetan Volunteers who patrolled the Kekexili region to guard Chiru, a Tibetan antelope, from poachers. The story is emotionally appealing and features harsh climatic conditions, sacrifice, brutality, and, most importantly, the struggle for justice. The movie won many awards and positive critical acclaim. It highlights the issue of wildlife conversation and is based on real-life incidents.

3. Lost On Journey

Lost on Journey is a comic journey of a mismatched pair of travelers. The team comprises a peasant worker and a businessman who has to travel together due to their missed flight. Their initial bond and the bond they shared at the end of the movie were significantly different. The film talks about the themes of personal growth, friendship, and understanding.

4. Journey To The West

Journey to the West is an incredibly directed movie with excellent visuals, characters, and a blend of comic elements. The main characters are a Buddhist monk and a monkey king who fights against supernatural creatures on their Journey. The way they blended humor, action, and special effects is incredibly unbelievable.

5. A Tale Of Three Cities

As the name suggests, the movie is about three individuals of different backgrounds who crossed paths during World War II. The film focuses on the hardships faced by three people: a Chinese man, a woman, and a British man during the war. It also discusses resilience, the human spirit, survival, and love amid war.

6. Shan He Ling

Shan He Ling, or break buddies, explores the ups and downs of essential relationships in one’s life. The story features two guys on a road trip after their heartbreaks. The Journey features stunning landscapes and mountain regions.

7. Wolf Totem

Wolf Totem is an incredible movie with insane views and landscapes. The story revolves around a Chinese student and is based in 1969. The student is sent to some inner tribe of Mongolia to teach their inhabitants about modern ways and technology. However, he is immersed in the beauty of the place, including their culture and the wolves. He felt a strange fascination and bond with the wolves.

8. Soul On A String

Soul on a String is an amazing film of Chinese and Tibetan origin with blissful landscapes and mountain scenery. The film genre is adventure and drama, about the Journey of a man who carries a sacred stone across places full of beautiful scenery. The movie is visually impactful, and the Journey is filled with challenges and interesting characters.

9. Dearest

Dearest is a bit different from others because it does not directly highlight mountain trek but is about searching for a lost child in some mountain range and was directed by renowned Peter Chan in 2014. The key factors of this amazing film are family love, resilience, and love. The ways and their Journey to reunite with their child are overwhelming and heart-touching.

10. Old Stone

Old Stone is a distinct movie of Chinese-Canadian origin that covers the story of a Chinese taxi driver. To avoid costly lawsuits, the taxi driver accidentally hits a motorcyclist in a mountainous region and tries the other way to escape. The movie is wonderfully narrated and has been noticed for its distinct storytelling and morals.