Article: Top 10 Japanese Anime Characters With Extremely Long Hairs

Japanese anime comprises a huge global market as its content comprises variety, relatability, emotions, and strong character development, including narrative. The way it has taken the world has never been seen before. The characters are the factors that contribute to the success of any piece. Strong character development is necessary, including how they appear on the screen. Anime characters are pleasing to watch. The physical features they comprise are sometimes used as their identity. The same thing goes with hair; fans admire personalities with long hair. So here, we will talk about the top 10 Japanese anime characters with extremely long hair.

1. Jessie

Jessie is a prominent Team Rocket member and a teen villain in the popular series Pokémon and its seasons. She is bold and a perfect example of consistent failures, but the way they try back in every episode is fun to watch. She is usually seen in her team rocket costume and comprises long red shade hair that makes her look adorable.

2. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito, popularly known as the mist Hashira of the Demon Slayer franchise, is a good-looking, strong character with long black and green hair. He is young but still managed to get to the top of the ladder, another wow point of his personality. He is quick, and the way he easily won over an upper rank is what drove the fans crazy.

3. Challe Fen Challe

He is the handsome warrior fairy with long black hair and shimmering eyes. Throughout the series, he is so attractive that people even mistook him as a companion fairy. He was born out of the gaze of a young girl and stayed with her till the end before meeting the female protagonist. He is great with his sword and is deeply attached to Anne.

4. Kokushibo

Kokushibo is the upper-rank one out of the twelve moons. He is incredibly strong and good with his sword. He has a scary appearance with multiple eyes that make him even more fierce and long hair. The friends see his first look in the Swordsmith Village arc’s first episode.

5. Lafalle Fen Lafalle

Lafalle fen Lafalle is another fairy that was bought by a character in the Sugar Apple fairytale as a companion fairy, but soon it was discovered that all he needed was to get close to Challe. He deceived everyone so he could talk to Challe and tell him the truth of his existence. He said to him that he was born out of opal in the same room by an eagle gaze and would both be the kings of the fairy race.

6. Power

Power is the main character in Chainsaw Man, a fiend working with the demon hunters. She can easily manipulate blood and use it as a weapon against enemies. She is selfish, loves her cat, and can easily switch sides if it means more Favors. She is fierce, has long blond hair, and a beautiful face that doesn’t match her personality.

7. Eucliwood Hellscythe

Eucliwood is a prominent character in a popular anime. Is this a zombie? She is beautiful but stays quiet throughout the series except in some episodes where her powers are switched with other characters. Her words can mean destruction, and since the main character fantasizes about her so much, around 37 voice artists have given their voices to this unique character. Her hair is sliver and long with an innocent face and short height.

8. Sayaka Kirasaka

Sayaka Kirasaka is a beautiful and strong character who first seems to hate the protagonist but soon gets along with him well. She is protective of the Himeragi and has been her good friend since the times of training. She has long brown hair that is usually tied in a ponytail.

9. Asagi Aiba

Asagi Aiba is a tech geek with extraordinary hacking and coding skills that have saved the lives of heroes many times. Later, it was discovered that she was a priestess of Cain, too and had immense power. She is a genius, has deep affection towards the male protagonist, and is also one of his blood servants. She’s got long blond hair that is usually tied with a red ribbon.

10. Griffith

Griffith is extremely good-looking, with long silvery white hair and extraordinary combat skills. He is a legendary character in the Berserk manga series that has occasionally been adapted into various anime. He is one of the characters who was initially good but took the other side when things went upside down.