Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama Based On Painters

Art can create a colorful story compelling enough to gather global audiences when added to a plot. The dramas we will discuss here will comprise stories where the fine arts are somehow related to the plot. It can be related to both the protagonists or the leads, such as if they are attending a fine arts school or trying to be one of them, connected to a business regarding arts, etc. We will discuss the top 10 Chinese dramas featuring painting or fine arts.

1. About Is Love

About Is Love is a great drama that features two leads. The female one is an exemplary art student with potential talent, and the male lead is the owner of a painting company, which he inherited from his father after robbers killed him. They get to know each other after the death of the male lead's father, and he caught a severe OCD that kept him away from other human touches except for one immune human, the female lead.

2. Flipped

Flipped is a top-rated drama that the novel written by Xiao Qi has inspired. The plot and cast are unique and worth watching. The sweet storyline revolves around the evolution of a relationship in detail, with an extra focus on the school. The Chinese name of this beautiful drama is Ni Wo Ta. The artistic pinch is that the female lead in The Flipped is a painter.

3. Art In Love

Art in Love is an extraordinary tale that stars renowned George Hu and Kwon Nara and makes its way to the audience in 2021. The lead is an exceptionally talented artist who can't recall his inspiration and a successful CEO who changes his life upside down. The story is about a journey that a sensitive person, cold and introverted, opened up due to the entry of a female lead in her life.

4. The Endless Love

The Endless Love is a beautiful story of a gifted art student and a sunshine girl. The male lead is exceptional in his artistic skills. Still, due to some physiological hurdle, his life loses its color, making him anxious while he is on the verge of sending his piece for an influential contest. Her entry into life changes everything but beautiful romance. They started to need to face the struggle.

5. A Love So Beautiful

The masterpiece drama has been adapted from a novel with a slightly different name. The protagonists are many high school characters, making watching for people of similar ages fascinating. The main characters are Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen, who have likable personalities. The female lead has a crush on the male characters and is extremely outgoing and bubbly.

6. The King's Woman

The King's Woman is a must-watch piece roughly based on a novel by renowned Chen Tsui-Bin. The setup is of ancient China and is about a fictional story between the first emperor of China and a girl. It is more of a romantic fiction that has been executed beautifully. The key themes involved in the drama are romance, historical fiction, and political intrigue.

7. Moon River

Moon River is an incredibly directed piece that is an adaptation of a renowned novel of the same name penned by Gu Yue. The story revolves around an independent woman and how she went to achieve her goal, including disguising herself as a man. The center of the plot is about an enchanting relationship between her and the enigmatic Lan Po.

8. When A Snail Fall In Love

The series is fantastic but does not strictly stick to an artistic background; the female lead is fond of doodling. The story is about a detective training a recruit who is not good with people's interaction. She is excellent with profile but as slow as a snail in her physical ability. The story is about falling for each other's distinct skills while solving a mission. It is in testing to watch how students and teachers slowly fall for one another's specialties and form a unique bond.

9. Stay With Me

Stay with Me is about the fashion industry's characters, and few scenes focus on design elements. The story revolves around a 30-year-old successful woman with a heavy name in the fashion industry, but her memories of her past seven years are wiped out due to an accident. When she wakes up, she is surprised by all the choices and wonders why they broke up with one another and married a man she didn't even remember.

10. Where The Lost Ones Go

Where the Lost Ones Go is a heart-touching story of an art student's first Love and how it becomes a lifetime's unforgettable Love. It is about two students majoring in Chinese art painting and oil painting and how they fell in Love in college. But one of them was heartbroken when the other left without a word.