Article: Top 10 Recognised Actresses Of Japanese Who Excelled In Negative Roles

Women used to be wary of taking on negative parts out of fear that they could lose their fans and struggle to get lead roles after doing so. Actresses' views have shifted, and every outstanding actress now seeks a grey part to exhibit her acting aptitude, versatility, and potential to audiences and directors.

1. Mizuki Alisa

Mizuki Alisa is a singer, actress, and model. The only unfavorable role to mention is hers in "Watashitachi Wa Douka Shiteiru." She portrayed the male lead's mother. Some of the horrible deeds she committed in the drama include killing her husband and accusing a maid of the crime. She also wanted her illegitimate son to inherit the family company.

2. Aki Toyosaki

Aki Toyosaki is a singer and an actress. She plays an evil character in "Scum's Wish." She played the part of a young instructor who had formerly tutored the male protagonist at home. The title of the character is "Akane Minagawa." She used to fool around with boys, acting innocently, until she found her next prey. When she found her true love at the end of the series, she had a personality change.

3. Fumi Nikaido

Actress and model Fumi Nikaido. We would discuss her part in "Why Don't You Play In Hell" together. Fumi portrays Mitsuko Muto, a Yakuza boss's daughter and the object of the other Yakuza boss' affection. The character is excellent because it accurately captures the traits of a privileged, rebellious adolescent. Fumi can elicit sympathy for her situation. In the movie, she also kicks a lot of asses.

4. Ryoko Hirosue

Ryoko began her acting career when she was 15 years old. Wasabi is the movie we would discuss. Yumi, a young French-Japanese woman that the protagonist must guard, is portrayed by Hirosue. Everyone became interested in the movie due to the film's seamless transition between entertaining the audience and aggravating the protagonist. Her relationship with the lead character is the subject of another twist in the film. To learn more, see the movie.

5. Ko Shibasaki

Shibasaki made her film debut in 2000 with "Battle Royale," a cult classic. She is the recipient of several honors, including the "Best Supporting Actress Award of the Japanese Academy," the "Hochi Movie Award," and the "Kinema Junpo Award." Shibasaki portrayed Mitsuko Souma, a stunning yet dangerous woman. Hew's sad upbringing was the cause of her sociopathic inclinations. She is the secondary antagonist.

6. Mao Inoue

Mao Inoue is an actress and singer. 1999 marked her debut. "The Snow White Murder Case" is the film we would like to recommend. Miki Shirono, the main suspect, is portrayed by Mao Inoue. The role is brilliant because it plays with viewer expectations and perceptions. Miki is a horrible lady deserving of being a suspect. But through multiple contradicting statements from witnesses, the audience will begin to wonder whether Miki is genuinely a terrible person or a victim of circumstances.

7. Erika Sawajiri

Erika is a singer, actor, and model. We would discuss the film "Helter Skelter." Erika Sawajiri provides outstanding performance as Ririko, a woman at the peak of her profession who is willing to endure several procedures to keep her place at the top. When the processes get hard, she falls apart at the seams, becomes agitated, and becomes self-destructive, which is terrible to everyone around her.

8. Miyuki Swashiro

Miyuki is a voice actress, narrator, and actor. She is one of the select few Japanese voice actresses who have performed a character's voice in a series with an English dub. We would discuss the television series "Kakegurui." The actor that portrayed Kirari Momobami was Miyuki. The current structure of the institution was put in place by the formidable student council president Kirari. You would be familiar with the "system within the school" if you had watched the series. Watch the series to know more.

9. Mariya Ise

Voice actress Mariya Ise is most known for voicing Bonnie, USS Jenkins, and Killua Zoldyck. She plays the infamously evil "Midari Ikishima" in the anime "Kakegurui." She is the president of the Beautification Council and the primary protagonist. Midori tends to suicide. She is relentless and pushy, scary or strange to the other pupils, such as when she plays a cruel game of life or death with Yumeko Jabami.

10. Riisa Naka

Riisa Naka is a well-known actress. We would discuss the television show "Alice in Borderland," in which Riisa played the part of Mira Kano. Mira Kano is the primary antagonist in the 2020 Netflix series Alice in Borderland, based on the same-named manga. She is revealed as the Game Master at the very end of the season, orchestrating everything from behind the scenes.