Article: Top 10 K-Pop Celebrities With Strange Rumors

Since Korean idols and celebrities are so influential and famous, they are often the targets of hawk-eyed netizens and the media. Many celebs were involved in rumors. But we know that K-pop would not be K-pop without having a fair share of ridiculous that might be fake rumors.

Here are some of the most absurd rumors that some believed!

1. YoonA Of Girls' Generation And PSY Were Dating!

This weird rumor started in 2012 when the picture got interpreted into a super scandalous fake story. A tabloid uploaded photos of YoonA and PSY on the streets together that appeared to be a date, but was not since PSY wed his wife in 2006, and those photos were behind-the-scenes by social media 'Running Team.'

2. V Of BTS And The Daughter Of Paradise Group President

In 2021, a weird rumor started just because Taehyung (V) visited a museum. Netizens assumed V to date Joanna Chun because V got spotted at a museum taking in an exhibit with Chairman Choi Yoon Jung, President Phillip Jeon's wife. Paradise Group owns various casinos and hotels in South Korea. Their daughter was also at the exhibit.

HYBE quickly silenced the rumors saying that the Choi family and V are just acquaintances.

3. MAMAMOO Is From North Korea

A fan started this as a joke that the idol must be from North Korea because of her uncommon name. It was difficult for fans to find pre-debut photos. As her popularity grew in South Korea, new fans were unaware that the joke was a joke. Later, during an episode of 'Knowing Bros,' the idol revealed past photos of her youth, clearing the rumors.

4. EXO's Kai And Taemin Of SHINee Were Twins

Kai and Taemin, long-term best friends, were once caught up in a rumor after their debut. Some Netizens claimed that Kai and Taemin were twins and Taemin was a girl, cross-dressing as a girl; as someone overheard Taemin call Kai Oppa (older brother in Korean, used by females).

5. LOONA Is A Money Laundering Scheme

When Loona's third sub-unit YYXY debuted, people noticed their sales increased compared to previous subunits. Some fans believe that LOONA might be in a money-laundering scheme. People doubted that the girl group's sales improved over a short time frame, and some say it was nearly impossible.

6. Jin (BTS) And Sana (TWICE) Are Dating

The fake-dating rumor sparked among popular K-pop idols after Jin claimed that his ideal type is someone as cute as a puppy and good at cooking. The fans eventually rumored that Jin is dating Sana because she looks like a puppy.

7. Kim Jong Un, A Fan Of Irene (Red Velvet)

in 2018, the K-pop group Red Velvet performed in North Korea. Later the artists took photos with Nation's leader, Kim Jong Un. Fans noticed that other members were standing far away from the leader while Irene was next to him. Because of this, Fans speculated that Kim Jong Un placed her next to him because he was her fan. However, Irene and Red Velvet shut those rumors saying that the order in which they were standing was completely random and was just a coincidence.

8. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) And Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) Dating

In 2015 rumor was spread based on proof from the two celebs' social media posts. Netizens noticed that the two posted almost similar content on social media pages assumed to be because they were in a relationship. One example of the proof was the filters they used on Instagram and uploaded the photo within a few hours of each other. Another proof example was that Netizens noticed that Taeyeon had a smiley face on her nails, and they assumed it was to match G-Dragon's smiley tattoo.

9. SHINee's Pre-Debut Rumors

There was a rumor that SHINee's Minho and Jonghun gangsters before their debut, and Minho's parents were already dead, so he grew up with his grandmother and became a singer because it was her last wish. But as we know, this rumor is just fake. Minho's both parents are alive and well.

In addition, SHINee's Key is rumored as a motorcycle gangster, while Jonghun is the son of a thug and bully.

10. HyunA's Rumor To Be Pregnant

In 2007, when HyunA left Wonder Girls, a wild rumor spread that Jay Park (labelmate JYP) got her pregnant. They were that she left the group to have an abortion, but the truth says that she just had health issues.