Article: Top 10 Dramas That Feature Gumihos

Fantasy K-dramas have often featured mythical creatures to grab our imagination and keep our attention. One such creature is the Gumiho. With a spellbinding mix of beauty, cunning, and a little bit of mischief, these shape-shifters have been enchanting audiences for years. Gumiho-themed dramas have permanently altered the K-drama landscape, integrating it with everything from centuries-old myths to modern narratives. Following are Ten fascinating K-dramas that feature this enthralling fox spirit, Gumihos.

1. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

My Roommate Is A Gumiho is a must-watch for all who enjoy romantic comedy dramas with human and superhuman creatures. Starring the powerful actress Lee Hyeri as Lee Dam and Jang Kiyong as the 9-Tailed Fox, who is about to turn into a human being, an accident regarding his Fox Bead makes them feel compelled to live together. From there, a sweet and often dangerous love story blooms.

2. The Tale Of The Nine-tailed Fox

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox is a hit 2020 K-drama that received love domestically and internationally. The cast, especially, was praised for their acting skills. Lee Dongwook played the main lead. His role was that of the Gumiho, Lee Yeon. Jo Boah played the female lead. Both of them are immensely talented actors who enhanced the show with their beauty of expression. This drama is a dangerous yet heartbreaking love story between a Gumiho who is searching for the reincarnation of his past lover and a human who wants to find out the truth about her parents' fateful accident.

3. Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love, the drama, as the name suggests, is about an illicit affair between a Gumiho from a Fox Tribe and a human being. The two leads are Kim Taehee and Jo Hyunjae. They do an excellent job portraying the characters of Gumiho and the human. As the conflicts between the two races grow, the couple has to face various trials to be with each other.

4. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

One of the biggest hits of 2010, which continues to be a known name amidst Supernatural Kdramas, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and is a favourite of viewers who enjoy cliches and cute love stories. The story is about how a poor man sets a Gumiho free. She saves his life and asks him to help her turn into a human being. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a classic Gumiho-to-Human story that will make the viewers laugh with its humourous and cute storyline.

5. Gu Family Book

The K-Drama Gu Family Book is a 24-episode K-drama with an intense plotline that immediately grabs the entire attention of the viewers. It is a fantastical historical drama where a human martial artist and a Gumiho fall in love. Both of them are forced to face the chaos of their world head-on, and in the process, they realise their connection.

6. The Thousandth Man

The Thousandth Man is a romantic fantasy with some humour. It is a 2012 drama, and the plotline follows the journey of a Gumiho woman who has consumed 999 livers in an attempt to turn into a human. For the last one, she sets out on a journey to find a man who will willingly give away his liver to her. What she doesn't anticipate is that they will fall in love in between.

7. Gumiho: Tale Of The Fox's Child

Dramas featuring Gumiho stories rarely show any actual physical transformation of the creature. However, The Tale of the Fox's Child is a drama that plays differently. It's not the typical fluffy love story, but it's about a wife who is betrayed by her husband and their child, who must live in hiding so her transforming appearance is not recognised. The world is a prejudiced one, after all. This gives the child many reasons to revolt and hold grudges against the world.

8. Tale Of The Nine-tailed Fox: An Unfinished Story

An Unfinished Story is sort of a spin-off of the Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox. The story revolves around the half-brother of Lee Yeon in the original drama. Despite his role as a supporter, his acting and character had won the hearts of many, which resulted in this short dedication to him being extremely well received.

9. Gumiho Recipe

Gumiho Recipe is a special drama with just two episodes. It is about Kumiho, who wants to reunite with the reincarnation of her past lover, and a heartbroken paramedic who starts falling for her. The story has angst, and it's a nice, short story about Kumiho learning to let go of the past. Both of them learn to love again.

10. Tale Of The Nine-tailed 1938 (2023)

Good news for all Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox for the drama released a second reason in 2023. The male lead remained the same while Kim Sooyeon took up the role of the major female lead, Ryu Hongjoo. The drama is about time travel, as Gumiho is forced to go back in time. Unless he solves the case that brought him there, he won't be able to return and reunite with his beloved.