Article: Top 10 Dialogue Writers From Korea

Following your favorite authors and watching them always try to outdo themselves is incredibly satisfying. As much as we adore our favorite actors and actresses, as drama lovers, the writers ultimately determine whether a show succeeds or fails. As a result, the following is a list of Korean dialogue/screenwriters.

1. Lee Woo-Jung 

Lee Woo-Jung has cried more tears than any other drama writer, some in anguish, some in pleasure, but mostly tears of compassion for the way she depicts growing pains and familial love. That is undoubtedly her greatest writing strength, and it is one of the reasons for the success of her Answer Me series.


2. Song Jae-Jung 

Song Jae-Jung shines in her eagerness to take her stories to new places and in new ways; she isn't reinventing the wheel, but she is tinkering with the spokes, toying with the framework, and overall attempting new things. Queen In-Guy Hyun’s time-travel romance was a breath of fresh air, presenting the question of how a man from the past could be with a girl from the present when his time-traveling talisman was ever-degrading.


3. Noh Hee-Kyung

The career of Noh Hee-two-decade Kyung has been built on a series of complex relationships and realistic characters who are never as straightforward as they appear at first. Her earlier dramas have a low-key, approachable feel to them, and she excels at getting to the heart of what makes people tick and emphasizing the human connection between her characters.


4. Park Yeon-Seon 

Park Yeon-Seon has made a career out of crafting ensemble shows, demonstrating a special ability to bring a diverse set of characters together in an evocative and memorable way. Her early dramas Alone in Love and Mixed-up Investigative Agency demonstrate her ability to find small human moments and develop people and relationships around them, giving her plays a rich, slice-of-life flavor.


5. Kim Eun-Hee

From her early dramas on, Kim Eun-hee has shown a proclivity for combining procedural elements with thrills; she co-wrote cable's comedic mystery series Harvest Villa and forensic-crime drama Sign with her husband, Jang Hang-Joon, and then went solo with cybercrime thriller Ghost and (sorta) real-time presidential abduction thriller Three Days.


6. Jang Yoon-Jeong

Because she doesn't keep to one genre, Jung Yoon-credits Jung is a fascinating blend. She began her career in historical dramas, with two seasons of the mystery sageuk Chosun Police, before moving on to the quirky supernatural sageuk Arang and the Magistrate, which is still one of the best examples of supernatural world-building seen in K-dramas, complete with gods and ghosts, as well as a whole social order for the afterlife.


7. Park Kyung-Soo

Park Kyung-soo is a writer who understands how to go deep into a character's mind and stay there for the course of a drama, resulting in some of the most complex and nuanced characters in the drama. He offers fascinatingly complex stories about social concerns in an addictively theatrical style.


8. Song Ji-Na

Not one, but two genuine masterpieces distinguished her early career: 1991-92's Eyes of Dawn and 1995's groundbreaking Sandglass. It may seem strange to follow historical epics with a lighter campus drama, but that's exactly what she did with KAIST in 1999. Then there was 2007's epic Legend, which carried her into fantasy sageuk territory, and 2009's razor-sharp Story of a Man, which featured capers and bromance.


9. Park Hye-Ryun 

Park Hye-Ryun develops intriguing characters and truly poignant stories that urge me to care. Her sincere, idealistic sensibility makes for some excellent coming-of-age stories, such as the music-themed Dream High and Page Turner, and also extends to her supernatural rom-com I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, in which grownups are searching for their place in the world.


10. Kim Eun-Sook 

Kim Eun-Sook is one of today's biggest hitmakers, with shows like the Lovers series and On Air becoming pop-culture successes with numerous parodies; her classic romances like the Lovers series and On Air earned her a household name, and I still see Secret Garden parodies on TV.