Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas About Living Together

Cohabitation is a fascinating trope that makes for an excellent subgenre. It is a factor used in storylines to build the relationship between the two leads. It adds a constant push and pull and acts to bring forth romance mixed with lots of humour and the most intriguing aspects of the slice-of-life genre. These dramas tackle the unique sides of cohabitation. From strange roommates to eccentric families sharing a roof, here are 10 Chinese Dramas About Living Together, where we'll find fascinating episodes of many characters juggling the complex routine of shared living, forming relationships, and appreciating the beauty of being together. Explore the smiles, sobs, and unforgettable moments these dramas have in store!

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a sweet and realistic story about the panic and confusion every graduating student faces while nearing the end of their education. The female lead is very worried about what path she wants to take after graduation. At the same time, she also starts living with a physics major her age. Together, they give each other the spirit to continue. Their friendship begins messily, without a preamble, but eventually, it makes her feel less stressed.

2. Perfect And Casual

Perfect and Casual is a C-drama adapted from the novel Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost. It's a cute rom-com with various tropes that fans of such dramas have always had. The male lead is a cold, tsundere professor who gets entangled with one of his students. Circumstances even call for them to sign a marriage contract and live together, which they must hide while they're at the university. The story is cute and has all the tropes that make your heart flutter!

3. Flavour It's Yours

Flavour It's Yours is a fantastical romantic comedy. The male lead is a wine taster who has a very strong sense of taste that allows him to detect flavours accurately. The female lead, on the other hand, suffers from a condition that leads to loss of taste from a very young age. Thus, the two of them are polar opposites. Some supernatural force makes them switch their sense of taste, which brings a lot of problems into their daily lives. As they begin living together, they plan on navigating through these changes. The process also allows them to find love in each other.

4. Girlfriend

Starring Lawrence Wang and Xu Hao, this 2020 romantic comedy Chinese drama has a classic case of a commoner and CEO love story. Wen Xiao is a beginner actress who jumps from show to show, taking up the role of Extras. She does this so she can earn some money. Through her work, Wen Xiao meets the hotshot CEO, Ye Fei Mo, who gives her the job of pretending to be his girlfriend. Said job leads her to experience a turn-around situation as she gets more and more entangled in the life of the CEO and eventually falls in love with him. The story is cute and cliche.

5. About Is Love

About Is Love is a love story between an OCD-ridden CEO who has been unable to be around the opposite sex for ten years. He has always been in search of any girl who will be able to cure him of this strange illness that is rooted in a very intense PTSD. Finally, she does find the one she has been looking for—she is a very young painter. The two of them move in together as part of an agreement struck by the CEO, who wants her to help him overcome his fears. Their cohabitation leads to friendship, and in the end, they find themselves in love with each other.

6. I Love My President Though He's A Psycho

This Chinese drama features a CEO with an illness that makes him feel overly paranoid and makes him imagine things that never happened, such as when he accused a cartoonist of hiding away his children, whom she "birthed" three years ago. Safe to say, it is not the reality. The cartoonist realises she must deal with him and submits to her fate. Along the way, she falls in love with him too.

7. Fox And Miss Rose

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose is a 30-episode drama following various events leading up to a relationship between the leader of a tribe and a jewel explorer from the city. The jewel explorer pretends to be in love with the tribe leader and marries her with an ulterior motive—he wants the gem that has been treasured by the tribe for ages. This sends the tribe leader into a frenzy, and she follows him to the city.

8. Please Love Me

Please Love Me is a romantic comedy-drama that is quite intriguing and reveals many realities of the problems faced by artists in the entertainment industry. A famous idol ends up falling into a scandal with a manicurist he has never seen in his life. Thus, it forces them to enter into a marriage contract that the two of them detest. Eventually, as they start falling for each other, the fakeness of their marriage contract comes to light, which becomes a very climactic point in the story.

9. Love Unexpected

The story of Live Unexpected is about a man who has lost all sense of emotion as a consequence of PTSD and his bodyguard, whom he falls in love with. However, with time, he starts falling in love with her, feeling unable to make her the one who takes all the blows for him.

10. Begin Again

Begin Again is the delightful story of a cold CEO who was once in a fake relationship with a doctor and decided to marry her. The story follows the primary theme of an enemies-to-lovers. Together, they start from scratch, trying their best to be good to each other.