Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas That Make Your Heart Flutter

If you are the one looking for dramas that make your toe curl and fill your stomach with butterflies? These Cdramas are probably for you. Cdramas are in trend currently because of their engaging storyline and cute couple romance. Office romance to school love, historical fascination to modern charm, Cdramas brings you a wide variety of plots with breathtaking beauty and romance. Let’s start our hunt for evergreen romantic Chinese dramas. Brace yourself as we will reveal the top 10 Cdramas that make your heart flutter.

1. Love O2O (2016)

If you are into college romances, then this drama is for you. This drama tells the story between Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai. Our beloved Yang Yang plays the role of Xiao Nai, the hottest guy in their college. Being chased by numerous girls, Xiao Nai fixes his eyes only on Bei Weiwei, who also happens to be his online gaming partner. Their love blooms as they connect both in the virtual and real world. Love O2O is a peaceful, heartwarming drama with sweet romance and hot scenes. Casting handsome Yang Yang was the best decision by the Love O2O crew. This drama is commercially a hit in mainland China and at the international box office. You can watch this drama on Netflix.

2. A Love So Beautiful (2017)

If school romance dramas fascinate you, this Chinese drama is an excellent choice. The main lead, Hu Tian, is played by beloved Jiang Chen, who is perfect in his studies and handsome. Our female lead, Chen Xiaoxi (Shen Yue), is attracted by his charming looks. Now, we must see how they fall in love and face the challenges together. How does their journey of adulthood and innocent love end? You can watch this pure, innocent romance on Netflix.

3. Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019)

A physics genius had to share his room with a student with an accounting major due to some arrangements by their parents. Meanwhile, our female lead, Situ Mo, and male lead, Gu Wei Yi, experience different things together, which makes them come closer. This romantic comedy was able to reach a good amount of audiences internationally. This romantic comedy will make you laugh your heart out. Let us find out how innocent Gu Wei Yi can make Situ Mo fall for him through his equations of physics on Netflix.

4. Accidentally In Love (2018)

Coming from a wealthy family, Chen Qing Qing (Amy Sun) runs away from her marriage to live life accordingly. After fleeing from her wedding, beautiful Chen Qing Qing disguises herself as an ugly college student and enrolls in the same college where their parents met, to find the reason for their parent’s death. There, she finds an arrogant Si Tu Feng, a famous singer. They make a rough start, then come closer with a series of events. This heartwarming romance is on Netflix.

5. Go Ahead (2020)

This drama is based on three kids with no blood relation yet grown as a family. Due to some events, Song Weilong (Ling Xiao) and Zhang Xincheng (He Zi Qiu) have to grow with Tan Songyun (Li Jianjian). Being grown up together, they share a lot of love and bond. They share their problems and joy until both the main leads have to go to a different country for their own reasons. Li Jianjian is heartbroken about the sudden detachment from their family. Returning from foreign, both show their love towards Li Jianjian. Will the lead accept their love? This sweet little triangle is available in Viki to watch.

6. Go Go Squid (2019)

Bad boy romance is one of the hottest genres that one cannot resist. If you are into such types, then this drama is entirely for you. Han Shang Yan, a legendary CTF player but also an arrogant and self-centered person, never cares about anything, but his team crosses paths with Tong Nian, a perfect IT student with good grades and coding knowledge, also a hidden famous singer. Fate takes its way to make them fall in love. How does the female lead be able to catch lord Han Shang Yan? One of the hit romance dramas with a fantastic plot. You can witness this breathtaking romance on the Viki.

7. My Girlfriend Is Alien (2019)

Are you bored with ordinary office and school romance dramas? Don’t worry. Cdramas have come up with unique ideas to engage the audience with their new plot. Why can’t a human love an alien? Chai Xiaoqi, an alien female lead, has come to earth but lost her way to her homeland as she lost her beacon. After being trapped on the Earth, she meets Fang Leng, a wealthy CEO of the company. In A series of hilarious encounters, Fang Leng started liking Chai Xiaoqi. How will they end up? My Girlfriend is Alien is a fantasy romantic comedy that is available to watch on WeTV.

8. Meteor Garden (2018)

What happens when a middle-class ordinary girl is admitted into a prestigious, rich college? Meteor Garden is the story of Shan Cai, a willful person, who encounters Dao Ming Si, an arrogant member of F4. F4 is a group of 4 wealthy, elite, and arrogant students. Dao Ming Si makes it harder for Shan Cai to survive in that school and unknowingly falls in love with her. Shan Cai is a daring person who overcomes all the hurdles and makes her place in the school. Will Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si be able to get closer?  This drama is an adaptation of the evergreen Kdrama Boys Over Flowers. Similar to this drama, F4, Thai drama was recreated. You can watch this on Netflix.

9. Love Is Sweet (2020)

How does it feel to meet your childhood crush after many years? Love is Sweet Chinese drama brings you a sweet, innocent, and pure first-love couple. This Cdrama is an adaption from the novel of the same name, where the female lead, Jiang Jun, fulfills her father’s wish by getting into a prestigious investment company. It is where she discovers Yuan Shuai, her childhood friend, is the company’s CEO. However, she realizes he has changed, and he competes with her. On the other hand, Yuan Shuai secretly protects his first love from the evil people of the company. Will they be together? You can watch this sweet romance on WeTV.

10. Sweet Teeth (2021)

What happens when a patient falls for her dentist? Sweet Teeth is a refreshing drama with sweet romance. Our female main lead, Zeng Li, is in her mid-20s, works as a librarian, and meets our hero, Ai Jing Chu with some misunderstanding. Ai Jing Chu is a handsome, very well-trained dentist and a perfect male lead. Zeng Li is prejudiced against him, thinking of him as the boyfriend of her junior, who broke up with her abruptly. Later, they share many moments that make them fall in love. This sweet romance drama is available on Viki.