Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas About Celebrity Romance

K-Dramas are all about their cute and romantic stories that always seem too good to be true. But recently, there have been more intense K-Dramas that are becoming popular. So, we understand if you want a break from that intensity. If you’re going to watch something that will woo your heart and make you happy, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will look at the top ten Korean dramas about Celebrity Romance! Filled with romance and comedy, you will fall in love with these dramas. So get ready to experience these top 10 celebrity romance dramas!

1. Sh**ting Stars

Shooting Stars is a cute and romantic work-scene K-drama. In this drama, a nation's beloved actor, Gong Tae Sung, has a PR company that works on getting new and managing current stars. The story is about the PR Department Head of the company, Oh Han Byul and the nation's beloved actor falling in love. The drama starts with both the characters pulling pranks on each other and making fun of each other, which moves on to them falling in love and starting a secret relationship.

2. So I Married The Anti Fan

So I Married The Anti Fan is a cute drama where a famous singer, Choi Tae Joon, falls in love with Lee Geun Young, a celebrity reporter. The story begins with Lee Geun Young not being a massive fan of Chi Tae Joon. Even though the reporter was an anti-fan of the singer, she had no choice but to live with him. Once they start living together, these main characters start getting feelings for each other, and ultimately they fall in love.

3. Imitation

Imitation is a popular K-drama celebrity romance show. In this drama, Maha (the female singer) comes from a new singing K-pop group called Tea Party, while Kwon Ryuk (the male singer) comes from a trendy singing K-pop group called SHAX. The drama starts with both the characters hating each other. As the drama goes on, they start to fall in love and begin a secret relationship.

4. Miracle

Miracle is a K-drama where two K-Pop male leads, Min Si Woo and Luis, fight for the love of Lee Soo Rin, the female lead. Lee Soo Rin was an idol trainee but has become a content creator instead. She had to quit her dream job to do her current job. Even though Lee Soo Rin is not well known like Min So Woo and Luis, her personality makes them fall in love with her. This story is like the perfect love triangle in any K-Drama.

5. Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside is a K-Drama about celebrity romance that will warm your heart. This K-drama is very unique and different. In this drama, the female character, Han Se Kye, is a famous actress whose face changes for a week every month. On the other hand, the male character, Seo Do Jae, has prosopagnosia syndrome. Which means he has a problem recognizing people’s faces. Throughout this drama, you will see how both these characters face their issues and struggles but become better when they meet each other.

6. Let Me Be Your Knight

Let Me Be Your Knight is the perfect blend of humor, romance, and friendship. This K-drama is about how a K-Pop lead singer, Yoon Tae In, falls in love with his live-in doctor, Yoon Joo. In this drama, the lead actor suffers from sleepwalking. To keep this issue private, he hired a live-in doctor to help him. Due to this, the two characters fall in love. The twist here is that the other band members also start falling for her.

7. Record Of Youth

Record Of Youth is a K-Drama that is about the lives of young people who are into modeling. In this drama, the male lead, Sa Hye-Jun, is a handsome, popular model who wants to become an actor. He gives a lot of auditions but is never successful. On the other hand, the female lead, Jeong-Ha, is a make-up artist. The entire story is about how these two characters start falling in love.

8. Radio Romance

Radio romance is about a love story between a rookie assistant writer and a famous actor. In this drama, Song Geu Rim works at a radio station as a radio program writer. She is very passionate about becoming a writer, but is not good at writing. Due to which, it becomes a problem for her. One day, when she heard that her radio program was going to shut down, she cast a famous actor, Ji Su Ho, to participate in the program. From there, their love story begins, and they start developing feelings for each other.

9. Find Me In Your Memory

A famous star news anchor, Jeong Hoon, has the perfect memory and can remember anything and everything. On the other hand, we have Ha Jin, a famous actress who cannot remember an essential part of her past life. But, the plot in this story is that Jeong Hoon begins to lose an amount of his memory, and is lost as to what he should do. This story is about how the two characters heal each other and try to overcome every obstacle in their way.

10. Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond is a K-drama about young love. In this story, Sin Joon Young and No Eul fall in love at a very young age. But, they were forced to break-up because of a few reasons. Years later, Sin Joon Young became a famous singer and actor, while No Eul became a documentary producer and editor. After all these years when these two characters meet again, things seem different. Sin Joon Young finds out that No Eul will do anything for money. It makes him feel different about her, but he can not ignore his old love despite these differences.