Article: 10 Korean Sports Romedy Dramas

Korean dramas have a lot to offer, including webtoon-based tales, romance, horror, and more genres. There are several options available if you're looking to watch Korean dramas with a sports theme. We've compiled a list of some of the top sports K-dramas for you to watch below.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Kim Bok Joo is a college student who wants to compete in weightlifting and is searching for himself. She hasn't yet experienced her first love, unlike most individuals her age. She chose to concentrate on weightlifting instead, which made her seem like a strange young girl. Her only other priority, except the sport, was her family. She hangs out with her two best friends, both of whom compete in weightlifting, and works off-campus for her father, who owns a small restaurant. Along with her coach and assistant coach, Bok Joo's father was a fervent supporter of her because he had participated in weightlifting as a child. However, life can throw curveballs even to those with the strongest resolve and the best support system. As it demonstrated how Bok Joo struggled with her one-sided love and the strain of becoming an athlete, which pushed her spiraling down into melancholy, the movie did not shy away from mental health difficulties and disorders. Even if one may lose favor, this does not necessarily mean that the fight is over.


2. Love All Play

A sports romance drama that shows the enthusiasm and love for badminton shared by the male and female protagonists of a mixed doubles team that includes members of the badminton business team.

A promising badminton player, Park Tae-Yang. She stopped playing badminton because of an incident. Eunice decided to join the badminton squad three years later. Her entire life used to center around badminton, and now she's playing the game she always wanted to.

A badminton player, Park Tae-Joon. For him, playing sports is just a job. He signs with team Eunice after being released from the City Hall team. Park Tae-Yang and Park Tae-Joon meet there. Is Tae-yang able to defend her bribery scandal?

Will Tae-Joon ever be able to emerge from the background and win the respect he so well deserves? Despite the problems separating them, do the two manage to stay together?


3. Racket Boys

In Racket Boys, a middle school boys' badminton team develops their abilities and picks up some life lessons along the way. In the series, Yoon Hyung-jong, a former badminton player, seizes the opportunity to take over as the coach of a middle school team that is about to disband.

The guys first struggle, but as additional players join the squad, they progressively get better and start to compete in events where they may reach new heights.


4. Run On

Im Siwan stars as Ki Sun Kyum, a former track runner who decides to quit since he no longer finds satisfaction in the sport. Oh Min Joo, a free-spirited subtitle translator for foreign films, meets him. Regardless of background, Sun Kyum starts to feel something for Mi Joo, and the two start to fall in love.

The best thing about this couple is their authentic relationship. They fall in love only when they get to know each other and comprehend their hardships and dreams. The analogies and discourse utilized to being a track runner are both enlightening and healing. Their discussions are quite in-depth and not just surface-level, which promotes healing.


5. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Na Hui-Do's dream of becoming a professional fencer was dashed when her high school closed down the club due to a lack of funding during the 1990s financial crisis. While contemplating whether she should abandon her aspirations, she meets Baek Yi-Jin, an industrious part-timer who desires to restore his life. They finally said each other's names for the first time when they were 22 & 18, and fate brought them together when they were 25 and 21.


6. Thumping Spike

Kang Se Ra, a promising young female volleyball player, was involved in an unfortunate occurrence that resulted in a dramatic dip that landed her in legal difficulties. To avoid a potential lawsuit, she was forced to coach this sinking men's high school volleyball team led by Hwang Jae Woong. The team, however, is only as strong as its weakest link. Despite Jae Woong's abilities and athleticism, the rest of the team is nothing near his level, and the team's record has remained dismal. Furthermore, Se Ra and Jae Woong are always at odds. But frustration soon turns to romance as sparks flow on and off the court. Se Ra understood that Jae Woong had a sensitive side to him hidden beneath his sardonic exterior. Will the presence of love be sufficient to improve the team's performance?


7. Hot Stove League

Hot Stove League mirrors the preparation phase that a major league baseball team goes through. The team has been the worst for four years in a row, so a new general manager is brought in to help.

Baek Seung-soo, the new manager, has no experience guiding a baseball club, but he excels in other sports such as Korean wrestling and ice hockey, where he has guided teams to titles. The drama will center on the squad's issues, how they may improve, and the steps they must take to become a stronger team.


8. Fight For My Way

"Fight My Way" portrays Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won as childhood friends who had gone through the ups and downs of growing up together. These two are practically close and regard each other as siblings until Park Seo Joon's character Go Dong Man learns he has a deeper love for his female best friend Choi Ae Ra.

Although watching mixed martial arts may appear to be a touch rough, "Fight My Way" does an excellent job of mixing the sport with sentiments of nostalgia and longing for that first love. It's heartwarming to see Choi Ae Ra and Go Dong Man support one another during their trials. They have an extraordinary amount of love for one another, especially considering how long they have known one another. You'll also enjoy their arguments and their mutual satire!


9. High School King Of Savvy

Lee Min-Seok, a budding high school hockey star who lives a double life, is the protagonist of this K-drama. When he's not a student or a famous athlete, he pretends to be his older brother in a new position while the sibling goes into hiding.


10. Heading To The Ground

Cha Bong Gun has wanted to be a professional soccer player for as early as he can remember. Despite his immense potential, life appeared determined to derail him from his goal. As a teenager, Bong Gun is wrongly accused of a hit-and-run. He gets sentenced to prison since there is proof to support the accusation. However, watching his son jailed was too much for Bong Gun's father, causing a deadly heart attack. Bong Gun was emotionally damaged by the injustice of the false charge and his father's premature death. It haunts him to be considered a killer with no method of defending himself. But he refuses to allow prejudice and rejection to ruin his dream. He challenges himself to pursue his soccer training while working part-time and caring for his family. Then one day he meets Kang Hae Bin, a stunning and determined rookie sports agent trying to make her mark in the male-dominated world of professional soccer. In this scenario, we have a soccer player yearning for a chance to show himself and a newcomer sports management determined not to be hampered by prejudice. Will they be able to conquer all challenges by depending on one other's abilities, or are their aspirations doomed to fail?