Article: Top 10 Short & Sweet BL Dramas For Busy People

It is easy to finish a BL because most BLs are very short, especially Korean and Japanese. Still listed below are some of the BL dramas that are short and sweet from various countries that you can binge-watch.

1. Naughty Babe

Naughty Babe is the sequel to the famous Thai BL series Cutie Pie, where the secondary couple becomes the lead couple. Yi and Khondiao are in an arranged marriage because of their family. Yi left Khondiao to handle all the marriage preparation and even left him on their engagement day. Khondiao had enough, and he left Yi. But Yi follows him and gets into an accident, which leads to him forgetting his memories. It has only eight episodes.

2. Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan is the sequel to Love In The Air, a Thai BL with a new pair, Sailom, and Namnuea. Sailom and Yiwa are arranged to get married by their mother. But Yiwa already has a partner, so she plans with Sailom to participate in preparation for marriage, and on the wedding day, she will run away so both can live freely. But the wedding planner Namnuea has no idea about the same. It has eight episodes.

3. I Told Sunset About You 

I Told Sunset About You is a phenomenal Thai BL series with only five episodes. Teh and Oh-aew used to be best friends in their childhood, yet one day stopped talking to each other. They met again in their final year of high school, but the awkwardness didn't fade away. Until Teh helps with the university exam, and their bond starts again.

4. About Youth

About Youth describes the story of Ye Guang, a popular high school boy with a warm heart. He once helped his classmate, Xu Qi Zhang, who doesn't love to stand out except when he is on the stage. Now, it is Xu Qi Zhang’s chance to give back kindness to Ye Guang, who needs a friend. It has eight episodes.

5. Where Your Eyes Linger

Where Your Eyes Linger is a Korean BL that describes the story of Han Tae-Joo, the only heir of a wealthy businessman. He has a best friend, Kang Gook, who is always around him like protecting him. In reality, Kang Gook is the bodyguard that has been guarding him. Things change when Kang Gook is forced by Han Tae-Joo to go on dates. It has only eight episodes.

6. The Tasty Florida 

The Tasty Florida describes the story of freshman Seo Hae Won, who just started to live in a guest house. On the guesthouse's roof is a Chinese restaurant called, ‘Florida Banjeom.' One of the owners requested Seo Hae Won to do a part-time job at the restaurant, but the other owner and head chef, Baek Eun Kyu, didn’t agree and instantly disliked him. There are eight episodes, 11 per minute.

7. A First Love Story 

A First Love Story describes the story of two good friends, Min Kyu and Jae Sung, who are now moving ahead at an important step in their lives individually. Min Kyu is going to college, and Jae Sung is going to the military, which will bring changes. It has only two episodes with 8 minutes per episode.

8. The Best Story

The Best Story describes the story of Best, unlike his name, who is unlucky in everything he does. He has a crush on the hottest boy in his school, Dew, who is also a part of a musical band. One day, when fate finally decides to be on the Best side, he gets to join the music club. It has three episodes of 40 minutes each.

9. Long Time No See

Long Time No See describes the story of Chi Soo and Gi Tae, also known as ‘Flying Dagger’ and ‘Wild Dog.’ Both hold a lot of secrets from each other, yet cannot help but fall in love with each other. It has five episodes of 17 minutes each.

10. Old Fashion Cupcake 

Old Fashion Cupcake describes the story of Nozue, a 39-year-old man who works like a robot doing the same thing every day. He didn't even try to enjoy small moments until he met his younger colleague, Toagwa, a 29-year-old man. They both spend time together by eating and trying dessert at every cafe. It has five episodes.