Article: Top 10 Korean Villain Actors Selected By Korean Viewers

Villains are the characters in a movie, an e-book, and any other fictional individual who are known as the ‘awful man’. These are characters who have achieved a variety of bad qualities in certain fictional stories. In K-Drama, there are a whole lot of villains who, instead of making viewers get mad at them, made them fall in love with them, even if, in the beginning, people were probably irritated with the individual. We guess that a number of you have gotten carried away that way, haven’t you? Korean drama villains take much bureaucracy, and a notable Korean drama could have at least one proper villain. A memorable villain does a more excellent job than offer someone for the principal characters to fight. They assist in revealing the protagonists for who they are by demonstrating who they are no longer. Even as we like a great hero in a Korean drama, there's nothing quite like an exceptional villain. Here are the top 10 Korean Villain Actors selected by Korean viewers:

1. Kwak Si Yang

He performed as Baek Tae Min, the villain in Chicago Typewriter who was jealous of his old friend and also kind-of-brother Yoo Ah In. He changed into a cruel and bad person. He even went as far as putting humans’ lives in danger. It is different from the traditional, candy roles that we are used to seeing Kwak Si Yang in, and his incredible potential to painting such evilness becomes sufficient to offer us chills and win us over.


2. Kim Jae Wook

This one is a smooth one. Even if you have not watched Voice, you possibly saw pictures and films of this villain and were most possibly bowled over how visually appealing he was. Kim Jae Wook played the lousy, awful, psychopathic serial killer who had fun killing innocent people. He becomes a character all of us genuinely hated, but additionally couldn’t help but be greatly surprised through his aura. He became the individual who would say, “You don’t want to fall in love with me,” and we definitely would.


3. Yang Se Jong

Yang Se Jong performs the villain Lee Sung Hoon in the cutting-edge sci-fi drama Duel. Lee Sung Hoon is the evil clone who kidnaps and kills humans and beats people Even though he's the villain, it’s difficult to hate him because he looks equal to the sweet and friendly clone, Lee Sung Joon.


4. Jang Mi Kwan

Jang Mi Kwan performed the horrific kidnapper role in Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon. He wore a creepy mask for most of the drama. However, while his face became subsequently revealed, people have been taken aback by how handsome he turned out to be. He did an excellent job of portraying the creepy criminal.


5. Dong Ha

Dong Ha performed the sociopath, serial killer, in Suspicious Partner who made it seem so smooth to be evil, making it so easy to hate him. His capability to portray his character is wonderful and made him all the more evil and easy to hate.


6. Choi Tae Joon

Choi Tae Joon as killer Choi Tae Ho in Missing 9 was traumatic for various reasons. One of the motives being that Choi Tae Joon changed into displaying a side of himself that nobody ought to have ever thought. His evil ways and the awful things he did to the opposite characters made him a villain that we all hated. Regardless of this seething hate we felt for him, it becomes hard to now not fall for his air of secrecy and sturdy gazes that had been sufficient to send chills down our back.


7. Kim Ji Suk

His part as King Yeonsangun, the kidnapper, is good to watch because he does not play such roles anymore. He oppressed people who were under him. His cold behaviour and the way he looked at anyone would change anybody’s attitude towards him.


8. Shin Sung-Rok

Lee Jae Kyung (Shin Sung-rok) is one of the exceptional villains of all time. Some might experience his evil function in a comedic manner-however he comes across as a very sinister character. He does many bad acts inside the drama, from trying to silence song-Yi and exploiting Min-Joon’s weaknesses. This is one of the extra selfish characters in any given Korean drama. When you assume that he cannot be more hated, he injures Se-mi’s older brother, who takes his evilness to a whole new level.

9. Ok Taecyeon

We cannot be fooled by his comical and English-talking Jang Jun Woo would not even wait for a minute and could kill you if you disobey him. He smashed the top of his head using a hockey stick, with traumatic sounds.


10. Lee Junho

Seo Yul (Lee Junho) is the charismatic and cold-hearted antagonist in ChiefKim that everybody hated to love. His conceitedness and unsympathetic attitude made him a heartless villain. However, regardless of his adversarial approaches, as the drama progressed, it changed into an even greater tougher task to hate him, mainly because of his budding romance with Namgoong Min.