Article: Top 10 Most Heart-Breaking Thai BL Breakups

What I truthfully love about actors is that they can show the audience that they are in love, but at the same time, they can also show the aspects true love has to go through, like breakups. Break-up hurts the most if the actor nailed the scene, and it hurts even more.

1. Arthit & Kongpob From SOTUS S

The people who have not watched SOTUS or SOTUS S don’t know what a real relationship is. The people who have watched it know that Kongpob is the greenest flag. In the first season, there is no break, yet in the second season, when Kongpob realizes he is putting so much from his side only and thinks he needs to step down for his sanity, it hurts. Episode 12 of SOTUS S is heartbreaking, and Krist and Singto make sure we all feel it with their incredible acting.

2. Pete & Kao From Dark Blue Kiss

Pete & Kao’s relationship was shown in three seasons. In the first two, they were together, but in the last season, Dark Blue Kiss, because of Pete's anger and Kao’s lying, the miscommunication between them is shown as an outbreak in front of the college. The heartbreak was that they reconciled in the last episode, which is good that both clarified their mind, but at the same time, watching them go through pain was heartbreaking.

3. Khai & Third From Theory Of Love

People who have watched Theory Of Love know that the first six to seven episodes were heartbreaking because of one side's love of Third for Khai. First of all, the acting Gun as Third has done is mind-blowing. He has been in love with Khai for years, and when Khai messed it up again. He portrayed the emotions of helplessness, anger, and sadness so perfectly that it made the audience cry with him.

4. Korn & Knock From Together With Me: The Next Chapter 

Korn & Knock’s breakup hurts so much. Because Korn was wrong, and Knock was already dealing with the outcome when he came out to his parents. Many breakups show anger, but in their break-up, they show how much they love each other with anger, but still both need a break.

5. Dean & Pharm From Until We Meet Again 

Dean and Pharm are one of a beautiful couple that never has any misunderstandings. But when they know about their past, they need a break to understand each other without seeing it through their past baggage or life theories. Their break up was something both needed. It wasn't about misunderstanding or cheating but for their better future.

6. Tharn & Type From TharnType

The iconic breakup scene of Tharn and Type still makes people emotional. The way Tharn begs on his knees and hugs Type just for him to stay. The way Tharn lists all the things he will change about himself shows how much he loves Type and is going to any limit just to keep him. Mew and Guf nailed this scene.

7. Fighter & Tutor From Why R U?

Fighter & Tutor from Why R U shows that if you love each other, you can go to any extent for their happiness. When the tutor was breaking up with Fight, he didn’t say anything nor fight back, smiling as he was doing what would make the Tutor happy. But it doesn't make anyone happy, the couple and the audience.

8. Prapai & Sky From Love In The Air

When you have a traumatic history, no amount of assurance can heal that as it becomes a dark chapter of line, just like Sky’s. Prapai was a playboy before meeting Sky, and Sky has a trust issue. But after much persuasion from Prapai, he gives in. But a misunderstanding can make you feel you are again in the dark hole. They portrayed the scene incredibly.

9. Teh & Oh-Aew From I Promised You The Moon 

When audiences demanded the second season of I Told Sunst About You, they never thought it would be so painful to watch. Teh was so wrong, he made the biggest mistake, and cheating is a choice. The way Oh-Aew cried in the scene made the audience bawl their eyes. Still, the audience was proud of how Oh moved on, and he deserved it.

10. Vee & Mark From Love Mechanics 

Having trust issues in love is not something anyone is fond of. Vee was the playboy before meeting Mark, and he had a girlfriend. But after a lot of pursuing, Mark agreed to give a chance. However, a misunderstanding leads them to break up, and seeing Mark cry makes the audience cry.