Article: 10 Korean Actors That Played Twins

The art of playing a dual role is something one has to ace. These Korean actors proved their value by portraying these characters. These are some well-written and incredible performances by your favorite Korean actors. The double roles are always a treat to watch. These actresses and actors pushed beyond the limits. They proved their creativity and incredible acting skills. These actresses are worth more than just a trophy. It is challenging to depict two characters simultaneously. They depict different sentiments so the viewers can distinguish between the characters. It can be baffling for the viewers to distinguish between the personalities because they get played by the same person. These are suggestions if you like watching Korean series and films with good plots.

1. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun played the roles of Eun Bi and Eun Byul in the Korean drama School 2015: Who Are You? They are twins, but their personalities are opposite. One of them is naive and a victim of bullying. On the other hand, the other sister is quirky and powerful. The twins are separated, and one of them gets adopted. They are reunited, and it leads to complications. The drama received the highest ratings for its plot and theatrics. Kim So Hyun got appreciated for her spectacular acting skills.


2. Lee Ji Ah

Lee Ji Ah played the roles of Su Ryeon and Na Ae Kyo in the Korean drama The Penthouse: War In Life. The series is about the elites competing with each other to reach high society. Su Ryeon is fragile and patient but a strong-headed lady. On the flip side, Na Ae Kyo is powerful and defiant and hides her secrets well. She got appreciated for playing both characters with ease. She showcased her impeccable acting skills. The drama has three seasons.


3. Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun played the roles of the male and female souls in the Korean drama Mr. Queen. She portrayed a female with a male soul. She is innocent and elegant as she plays the female soul. On the other hand, the noble and fierce as she portrays the male soul. The audience was surprised by her acting skills. The series is about a contemporary male chef who suddenly gets trapped inside the Queen's body in the Joseon period. Shin Hye Sun has incredible comic timing and manages to capture the eyes of the audience. She shines in this period drama.


4. Jun Ji-Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun played the roles of Ahn Ok Yoon and Mitsuko in the Korean Film Assassination. She portrays two sisters who have polar opposite personalities. Ahn Ok Yoon is a short-tempered and ruthless sniper. Mitsuko is innocent and timid. The film is about a group of Korean officers working in China and planning to kill a high-ranking Japanese officer. Before they execute their plan, they must help the sniper escape the prison. They also need to look for the traitor in their group. Jeon Ji Hyun received appreciation for her role in the film.


5. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy played a double role in the Korean drama Anna. She portrayed Lee Yoo Mi and Anna Lee. Lee Yoo Mi gets entangled in her web of lies and develops Ripley’s syndrome. This syndrome makes her live as Anna Lee. The alter ego is confident and assertive and the version that she always wanted to be. The actress got appreciated for her versatility and intensity. She managed to nail both personalities of the same character. The series had a great plot, and it was women-centric. The series only had six episodes but left a lasting impression on its viewers.


6. Yang Se Jong

Yang Se Jong portrays three characters in the Korean drama Duel. The series is about Jang Deuk Cheon, a detective trying to find his terminally ill daughter, who got abducted. Lee Sung Joon has amnesia, and his fingerprints match the kidnapper. Lee Sung Joon got cloned by a scientist and has many other versions of himself. The three clones appear together, and the detective must find the kidnapper. Yang Se Jong was convincing in portraying these clones.


7. Yang Jin-Sung

Yang Jin-sung plays the role of Cha Do Hyun in the Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me. Cha Do Hyun has a personality disorder. He has seven personalities, and one of the personalities develops feelings for the female lead. The condition is a result of childhood trauma. Yang Jin-sung received appreciation for portraying these complex characters. He beautifully depicts the positive and negative sides of the characters. He is a treat to watch.


8. Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung plays the roles of Sharon and Hae Ra in Black Knight. Shin Se Kyung told, in an interview, that Sharon disguises herself as Hae Ra. She had to act adorable as Hae Ra was challenging to play because she didn't attempt to do such roles. She also had to change her body language to play characters. Hae Ra has swift hand movement, and Sharon has steady hand movement. She got appreciated for her acting skills. She was surprised that the viewers enjoyed the show.


9. Chae Soo Bin

Chae Soo Bin plays the roles of Jo Ji Ah, and Ah Ji 3 in I'm Not A Robot. Jo Ji Ah is an ambitious businesswoman and robot, Ah Ji 3. The series is about Kim Min Kyu, the owner of the immense shares holding company. He is antisocial and creates a robot Ah Ji 3 which resembles his girlfriend, Jo Ji Ah. While testing the robot, the battery stops working. Jo Ji Ah pretends to be the robot and comes closer to Kim Min Kyu. Chae Soo Bin got praised for her efforts and the brilliant romantic scenes.


10. Kyung Soo Jin

Kyung Soo Jin plays the roles of Han Ye Ri and Han Joo Ri in the Korean drama Meloholic. The series is about Yoo Eun Ho, who can read anybody's mind simply by touching them. He meets Han Ye Ri, who is confused about what she says and what she thinks. She lives the life of two people. The personalities are opposite of each other.