Article: Top 10 Romance Animes To Watch In 2022

When a large section is into dramas and movies, we get a separate anime world with anime fans.  Anime is not just a cartoon, but it is beyond that, as many anime series teach us valuable lessons about life. One of the sub-genre of Anime/Manga is the Romance genre. Giving you a cozy vibe through the locations, visuals from the anime, and romance genre is worth experiencing. Old or New, every anime leaves a mark of its presence; hence we call them all-time favorite ones. So here are the top 10 romance anime to experience a romantic journey of multiple cute stories in 2022. You will find a few of many new popular animes but also all-time favs if you are new to the manga world.

1. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War : Utlra Romantic

The 2022 series of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is the third season named Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: Ultra Romantic. Directed by Shinichi Omata, the series is inclusive of humor with romance. It’s a story that revolves around the student Council members of Shuchiin Academy. This season is to know how the love story blossoms between Council president Miyuki Shirogane, vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya, and other members crushing on each other. The series is fun & comedic to watch to relax your mood.


2. Call Of The Night

A vampire series it is! This anime has great international demand and got published in Weekly Shonen Sunday, a Japanese manga magazine. Yamori Kou is a 14 years old boy, tired of his dissatisfying life. Because of insomnia, he walks on the street and meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a girl vampire. The Call of the night is an actual call from Nazuna at her apartment for a bite of vampirism. The story is a vampire romance, but do they fall in love?


3. My Dress-Up Darling

Marin Kitagawa is a school queen who notices a boy sewing at one corner. She tries to interact with him, as she has an outspoken and extroverted personality. Wakana is traumatized by his childhood past because of his feminine likes in doing activities like sewing and cosplay. Wakana Gogo dreams of being a craftsman inspired by his grandfather. Cosplay plays a significant role in their story. Will they fall for each other?


4. Sasaki & Miyano

It’s a Boy’s Love (BL) manga famous for its storyline, visuals, and progressive concept. Sasaki and Miyano are high schoolmates. Miyano being a Boy’s love manga fan, Sasaki gets interested in the friendship. Developing a new bond and in search of a realization of love for each other, will they get together after a long wait? The manga series is 13 episodes, and this book series has divisions into Volumes and chapters.


5. Fruit Basket

The manga was published in the semi-monthly magazine in Japan- Hana to Yume. The storyline says- Tohru Honda is an orphan who shifts at her classmate's house, Yuki Souma- the famous kid due to the renovation of her house. The Souma family has the mystery of being cursed to become one of the zodiac animals if only any Souma member hugs or embraces the opposite gender. What’s the dark secret? Will Tohru find her way out of the Souma doors, or is still the romance plot awaiting?


6. Your Lie In April

‘Your Lie in April’ is one of the well-known romance anime you must watch. This anime is a school musical romance written by Naoshi Arakawa. It is a story of teenagers named Kosei and Kaori. Kosei is a piano prodigy who had a mental breakdown due to the past, and Kaori is a free soul who wants to live her life to the fullest. Even though it is a story between two of them, it is not as simple as you think. Kosei never confesses his love to Kaori until the end because she is his friend's girlfriend. This anime is a rollercoaster ride of romance and emotions. So be ready with a tissue when you start this series.


7. Your Name ( Kimi No Na Wa)

If you are a true romance anime fan, this film should be your priority. Your name is a masterpiece written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. This anime is about two teenagers, Mitsuha and Taki, who swap their bodies without self-control. This movie tells us how the leads fall in love with each other by switching their bodies until one meteoroid is responsible for ending this beautiful relationship. The film has stunning visuals and gets appreciated to date.


8. Weathering With You

Again Makota Shinkai's gem piece and his latest work earned a place on our list. Shikai is famous for its storyline as well as unimaginable animation. Weathering with you is the story of two adult kids, Hodaka and Hina. Hina can control the weather. But as she uses more power, she vanishes little by little. She later knows that she intends to sacrifice herself to normalize the temperature. But Hodaka helps her to understand that she must live for herself. This story is about how they go through this magical experience with each other and fall in love.


9. Horiyama 

When most of the series kept us on edge till the main character confessed their love to their love interest, this series is different. In the first episode, the protagonist Shoko reveals his passion to Miyamura. This series revolves around how they go through the ups and downs of their relationship. It feels realistic as it shows the struggle of this couple to make their relationship work.


10. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

The film was written and directed by Shinichiro Ushijima. It's a story about a boy Haruki who accidentally reads his classmate's diary and now knows that Sakura is suffering from a fatal pancreas illness. Despite this, she wants to live a regular life. With the help of Haruki, Sakura tries to complete her bucket list one by one. When Haruki visits Sakura's place, her mom recognizes him and gives him a letter that Sakura left. Reading them all, he breaks down as if he has never felt so much sorrow for a single person. It is an emotional romance drama one cannot miss. But is she alive? What do the letters say?