Article: 10 Memorable Villains Of Korean Dramas

A drama is incomplete without the clash of villain and hero. Sometimes the villain has his ways of dealing with things and giving people justice. Villains are not always harmful and cruel. These dramas have some of the best portrayals of villains. The audience was baffled by their performances and wished they were not villains.

1. Song Joong- Ki (Vincenzo)

The story is about a lawyer returning to Korea to expose corrupt politicians. He plays a villain but fights for justice in his ways.

2. Park Hee Soon (My Name)

The series is about a girl determined for vengeance for her father’s brutal murder. Hee Soon plays a drug dealer who has his own story of revenge.

3. Kim Ji-Hoon (Flower of Evil)

The series is about a man who has a perfect family, and his wife is a cop. Things take a turn when his wife finds out about a series of murders linked with her husband. Kim Ji-Hoon plays a bipolar villain.

4. Lee Min Ho (Pachinko)

The series is about families who leave their ancient lands for survival. Lee Minho plays an evil gambler and cheats on his wife.

5. Lee Dong Wook (Strangers From Hell)

The series is about a man moving to a shady neighborhood because of his job. Lee Soo-hyuk plays the role of a serial killer in the series.

6. Lee Soo-Hyuk (The Scholar Who Walks The Night)

The series is about a scholar who has a mysterious history. Soo-hyuk plays a vampire in the series who wants to rule the human race.

7. Ahn Bo-Hyun (Itaewon Class)

The series is about the rivals in the food industry trying to leave a mark and protect their family names. Bo-Hyun plays a childish and spoiled brat in the series.

8. Na In Woo (Mr. Queen)

The series is about Na in woo going against the royals and occasionally showing his sensitive side. He proves himself by rescuing the Queen.

9. Jung Yoo-Jin (Remarriage And Desires)

The series is about a matchmaking agency with expertise in making their clients remarry rich men. Jin Yoo-hee is a stubborn lady who has her ways of making people agree with her.

10. Lee Hyun Wook (Mine)

The series is about a famous actress giving up her career to marry an affluent man. The mysteries of the cruel man get exposed after a murder.