Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebs Whose Career Came To A Standstill With Age

Actors and actresses don't have stable careers. It can bring them all the limelight and wealth with one of their movies or work. And it can also put them down with just one incident. Actors are closely observed by the people all the time. And hence, they have to be very careful about the things they are involved in. Let's see some of the actors whose career graphs got faded with their age.

1. Edison Chen

Edison Chen is a Canadian-born Hong Kong actor, rapper, singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. On 7th October 1980, he was born in Vancouver, Canada. He made his way out of the industry after he was accused of serious allegations. And he stopped getting work after the scandal.

2. Man Wenjun

Man Wenjun is a Chinese singer. His stardom faded away when he got caught in the illegal consumption of drugs. Since then, he has not appeared much in the media.

3. Li Daimo

Li Daimo is a Chinese singer who gained recognition through a TV reality singing show. On 9th May 1988, he was born in China. His career collapsed when he was found guilty of the illegal possession of drugs.

4. Huang Haibo

Huang Haibo is a Chinese actor and singer. On 25th November 1976, he was born in Tianjin, China. He disappeared from the industry ever since he got caught in the raid at the Beijing Hotel.

5. Zhang Mo

Zhang Mo is a Chinese actor. On 28th July 1982, he was born in China. He shifted his career from being in front of the camera to behind the camera. He got arrested for the illegal possession of drugs.

6. Kai Ko

Kai Ko is a Taiwan-born Chinese actor and singer. On 18th June 1991, he was born in Taiwan. He disappeared from the industry after being arrested for illegally possessing drugs.

7. Fu Yiwei

Fu Yiwei is a Chinese actress. On 26th May 1964, she was born in Harbin, China. Her stardom faded away when she got caught with the illegal possession of drugs.

8. Ma Rong

Ma Rong is an actress. She married a Chinese superstar Wang Baoqiang. She once accused her husband of assaulting her. But, In the court trial, it got proven that Ma Rong was staging the entire incident. It made her one of the most hated Chinese celebrities ever in history.

9. Chen Yufan

Chen Yufan is a Chinese actor and singer. On 18th November 1975, he was born in Beijing, China. His image got tarnished when he got arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

10. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is a Chinese actress, businesswoman, director, producer, and singer. On 12th March 1976, she was born in Wuhu, China. She suddenly got disappeared from the entertainment industry. The reason is still unknown, but various assumptions are circling the internet.