Article: Top 10 Esteemed K-Pop Legends Who Inspire Other Iconic Idols As Role Models

In the field of the K-pop industry, some artists have not only acquired legendary status but are also a source of inspiration for the next generation of icons. Every year, new idols make their debut in the K-pop industry and the newbies or rookies often look up to their idols as their role models. These ten iconic legends have paved the way for the next generation by setting high standards in every aspect of their lives, including professionalism, and charm, in addition to music. They serve as an example of the attributes and dedication that emerging K-pop artists strive to emulate. Through this article, we will find out about the top 10 K-pop legends who continue to inspire and influence other idols as their role models.

1. IU

Lee Ji Eun, famously known as IU, is a renowned singer, composer, songwriter, and actress and is very popular mainly among youngsters across the globe because of her cuteness and soothing voice. At the age of 15, IU debuted as a solo singer and released her first EP, Lost and Found in, 2008. However, IU rose to fame in 2010, when she released her fourth album, Good Day, after which she earned national stardom. IU is also a very talented and versatile actress. She has played roles in series like Dream High, Pretty Man, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and My Mister. Many idols like BTS Jungkook, Seunghee OH MY GIRL, Chungha, Sejeong GUGUGAN, and many more see IU as their role model as she is a musical singer, a beautiful and talented actress, and a kind-hearted idol that anyone can idolize.

2. V

Kim Tae Hyung, or V, is a 27-year-old member of the famous boy band group BTS. V is known for his most handsome and alluring visuals. He was recorded as No. 1 on the list of the Most Handsome Man of 2022. V is one of the K-pop idols who have emerged as a role model to many other junior idols due to his worldwide renowned dancing and singing skills. Many K-pop artists like Beomgyu TXT, Park Ji Hoon, Byungchan VICTON, Haruto TREASURE, Younghoon THE BOYZ, and many more idols look up to V as a role model.

3. G-Dragon

G-Dragon is a rapper, singer, record producer, songwriter, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, famously called the King Of K-pop. G-Dragon is a globally renowned idol of the K-pop industry, thanks to his impressive and captivating performances in his every music video, due to which he has won many awards, including the Korean Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, MBC Entertainment Awards, and Golden Disc Award among many other honors. All senior and young K-pop idols are undoubtedly acquainted with the famous rapper of the boy band group i.e., BIGBANG. He is frequently referred as the inspiration or role model for rappers including Zico BLOCK B, J-Hope and Jungkook BTS, Bambam GOT7, Hongjoong ATEZ, and DinDin.

4. Taeyeon

Taeyeon, or Kim Tae Yeon, is a former member of a famous girl band, Girls Generation, which became one of the best-selling artist's groups in the K-pop industry. Taeyeon has been known for her pleasant voice since her debut with Girls Generation in 2007. Taeyeon also performs as a solo artist and is a role model for many idols like Yuqi (G) I-IDLE, Heejin LOONA, Jiae LOVELYZ, and many more.

5. Suzy

Bae Suzy is a 28-year-old singer, model, and actress. Suzy is a talented actress, solo singer, and a member of a girl band group, Miss A, and serves as the inspiration to several K-pop artists. The talented and attractive aesthetics of Suzy have made her a role model for many others, such as Jinsoul, Arin OH MY GIRL, Yves LOONA, Yeeun CLC, Bona WJSN, and many more.

6. Taemin

Lee Tae Min, or Taemin, is a singer, dancer, and actor. He is an ex-member of the well-known boy band group Shinee in 2008 and Supergroup SupreM in 2019 under SM Entertainment. Taemin is well known because of his professional dancing skills, due to which he is deemed a role model, mainly those who are in the dance field, like Jisung NCT, Chani SF9, Hoshi SEVENTEEN, Donghan WEI, Rocky ASTRO, and many more.

7. Kai

Kim Jong In, famously known as Kai, is one of the finest dancers in the K-pop industry. He is also one of the most significant fashion icons of South Korea. Kai is a singer, dancer, model, and actor and is a member of a well-known boy band EXO. Kai is widely famous among K-pop idols as EXO's dancing machine. Many K-pop idols, especially dancers like Yunho ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, Taeyang SF9, Ong Seongwoo, and numerous others, acknowledge Kai as an inspiration.

8. Rain

Rain is a 41-year-old singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and record producer. Rain is one of the leading role models for the current K-pop idols since he has been a legendary solo singer, performing from 2002 to today. Rain has released a total of 33 singles to date. Rain  K-pop idols like Jimin BTS, Taemin SHINEE, Taecyeon 2PM, and others select Rain as their role model.

9. BoA

Kwon Bo Ah is known as the Queen of K-pop and is one of the most famous and prominent Korean entertainers. BoA is a singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, and producer. BoA is one of the great K-pop singers who debuted in 2000, 21 years ago. BoA, who possesses both vocal and dancing skills and rose to fame as an idol is known for influencing stars like Sunmi, Taeyeon and Tifanny SNSD, Namjo APINK, Chunga and so on.

10. Lee Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri is a former member of a girl band group, Fin. K.L. under DSP Media in 1998. However, she went solo after the group disbandment. Lee Hyo Ri has maintained her status as the top K-pop star since her debut 20 years ago with Fin. K.L. Idols like Rena EX-PRISTIN, Chungha, Solbin LABOUM, Mijoo LOVELYZ, and many others choose Lee Hyo Ri as their role model. When Lee Hyo Ri obtained an agreement with Mnet Media in 2006, she became the highest-paid female singer in Korea.