Article: Top 10 K-Drama With 20 Episodes

For those who enjoy watching K-dramas with an extended and immersive experience, dramas with 20 episodes will offer a mixture of a perfect, captivating storyline, characters, and plentiful time to explore and understand the plots. In this article, we will examine the top 10 K-dramas that offer 20 episodes, taking viewers on a more comprehensive and satisfying journey through the world of K-dramas. These shows have confirmed that they can maintain the plot, emotional depth, and viewer attention across many episodes, making them a good choice for fans who seek a more generous and satisfying viewing experience. Let's find out those exceptional K-dramas with 20 episodes that have left a lasting effect on the screen and genre.

1. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a 2015 series exploring the daily lives of five families and friends living in the same neighborhood i.e., Ssangmundong, Seoul, which dates back to 1988. The series mainly focuses on the importance of family, friendship, and the difficulties that every person has and goes through in their lives. It teaches that it is okay to lose sometimes and money isn't everything. The series explores how the five friends count on each other to survive their burdensome teen life and evolve to pave their path to a great future. Reply 1988 has a total of 20 episodes, with a sad ending projecting an excellent representation of existence.

2. Healer

Seo Jung Hoo is an unusual kind of night courier called only a Healer by his clients. With a reasonable price and the aid of a brilliant hacker, he can get any work done for his clients until it does not involve any murder. His new job leads him to a flourishing reporter, Kim Moon Ho, and Chae Young Shin, an amateur tabloid writer. Seo Jung Hoo puts Kim Moon Ho and Chae Young Shin at risk as he begins unraveling a mystery of his past that he shared with the two reporters. It is a 2014 series consisting of 20 episodes.

3. Welcome To Waikiki

Three young men, Kang Dong Goo, Lee Joon Ki, and Bong Do Shik, team up to operate a hotel i.e., Welcome to Waikiki, with the common goal i.e., to raise money to fund their very own film project. The business, however, is everything but successful. On top of that, one big trouble lands on them when a single mother visits the guest house with her baby. It is a rom-com series with 20 episodes that can make anyone laugh till their stomach hurts.

4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers is a 2016 series mixed with genres like historical, fantasy, romance, and melodrama, consisting of 20 episodes. It is the story of Hae Soo, who travels back to the time of King Taejo's rule in the Goreyo Dynasty, where Hae Soo finds herself in the place of Wang Wook, the 8th prince of the Goreyo Dynasty. Soon after, she finds herself befriending other princes where she meets the ostracized Wang Soo, the 4th prince, though she is aware of the fact that she should not get involved with any intrigues and members of the palace, however, many princes fall in love with her and her innocence.

5. Kill Me, Heal Me

Cha Do Hyeon suffers from dissociation and memory loss, which are the consequences of a traumatic childhood experience he had when he was a small kid.  Seven distinctive personalities emerged as a result of the latter. Oh Ri Jin is a psychiatrist resident in the first year, with whom Do Hyeon ask for help to regain control over his life. However, Ri Jin falls in love with one of the personalities of Do Hyeon. The series has 20 episodes.

6. Romantic

Dr. Romantic tells the story of Kim Sa Bu, once a well-known surgeon at a major hospital. However, one day, he, decides to give up, and starts working in a small town as a neighbourhood doctor. He teaches Kang Dong Jo and Yoon Seo Jeong to fight against money and power for the betterment of the patients and to assist them in becoming great doctors. It is a 2016 series with 20 episodes and two more seasons.

7. Pinocchio

A man named Choi Dal Po, whose family was killed by a media organization, and his companion Choi In Ha, who suffers from a syndrome called Pinocchio where she gets hiccups whenever she makes a falsehood forbidding her from telling lies, both become journalists while working to advocate for justice. Pinocchio is a 2014 melodrama that consists of 20 episodes.

8. The Legend Of Blue Sea

The Legend of Blue Sea series tells the story of a mermaid Shim Chung, who lands from the Joseon Dynasty to the modern-day following her true love, Kim Ryung, a nobleman's son. In the modern day, Heo Joon Jae is the replication of Kim Ryung, who is a highly proficient scam artist who shows his first interest in Shim Chung because of her $6 million worth of jade bracelet that she wears. Joon Jae takes Shim Chung with him as there is nowhere to go. There she meets his other scam con partners. It is a wholesome series that anyone can enjoy and will give you a good laugh.

9. City Hunter

City Hunter is a 2014 series that has 20 episodes. The series depicts the story of a talented MIT graduate, Lee Yoon Sung, a member of the Blue House's International communications team. Lee Yoon Sung and his foster dad, plot to take revenge against the five politicians who caused the death of his father due to which Lee Yoon Sung, eventually, develops into a City Hunter.

10. Artificial City

Artificial City is a Psycdevelopsal series about a powerful and wealthy conglomerate, Sungjin Group, in Korea, that has control over finance and politics. Things take unexpected turns when the family's daughter-in-law pushes for her husband to become the president of the country. The husband acts to have no such objectives, but deep down he craves when he can possess the control. This series depicts a society whose characters have different motives and psyches that lead them to hide their darkest side. It is a 2021 series that consists of psychological and mystery genres.