Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Have Collaborated With Calvin Klein As Models Or Brand Ambassadors

K-pop idols are often known for their outstanding visuals. They are identified for their excellent fashion sense, magnificent physique, and striking faces. As a result, especially for significant fashion companies, fans love it when idols publish photoshoots with a unique concept or style. Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the significant and prominent fashion brands. Fans eagerly await news and updates concerning their idols. Calvin Klein is one of the top three most desired brands and the most frequently purchased brands worldwide. They are known for solely employing models who best fit the brand image of their company, and some K-pop idols have earned the chance to endorse them. Let us look at those top 10 idols who have modeled or are the brand ambassadors of Calvin Klein.

1. Jeon Jungkook

In March 2023, Calvin Klein revealed BTS Jungkook as the Calvin Klein's worldwide brand ambassador for Calvin Klein underwear and Calvin Klein jeans. It made perfect sense when it found that Jungkook is collaborating with Calvin Klein, as he is one of the prominent and worldwide renowned K-pop idols of today's time. They perfectly complement each other’s creative tastes. The brand suits Jungkook's masculine appeal and its alluring features. Jungkook never fails to captivate and drool the fans over his charming and tempting looks.

2. Kim Jennie

Jennie is a renowned K-pop idol. She is a member of a prominent girl band group, BLACKPINK, with three other members, formed in 2016, under YG Entertainment. Jennie is a rapper, singer, and actress. Regarding the brand Calvin Klein, we cannot leave Jennie out. Since 2021, Jennie has been the brand ambassador and associated with Calvin Klein. Jennie is fond of wearing their clothes and has been one of their long-time ambassadors. Jennie is known for attractive and alluring visuals, and wearing the brand makes her stand out even more.

3. Nakamura Kazuha

Kazuha is a 20-year-old Japanese singer, rapper, songwriter, and ballerina based in South Korea and is a member of a girl band group LE SSERAFIM under Source Music. Nakamura Kazuha has modeled for Calvin Klein, participating in several photoshoots for one of their advertising campaigns. Her well-kept physique, perfected since her ballerina days, endorsed their clothing flawlessly. Her chic demeanor boosts the brand’s trendy image, and once combined with her intriguing visuals, it solidifies the deal.

4. Wonho

Lee Ho Seok, or Wonho, is a former member of one of the well-known boy band groups MONSTA X under Starship Entertainment. The Calvin Klein and Wonho campaign blew up the internet. Wonho has a very lovely and incredible body, and undoubtedly, his muscles in Calvin Klein, however, made a significant impact and did a kind of holy work. In Calvin Klein, Wonho was and continues to be exceptional. Wonho is 30 years old and is a singer, songwriter, and producer and was one of the most famous members of the band. He is popularly known for his tempting physique and kind heart.

5. Kim Myung Jun

Kim Myung Jun, famously known as MJ, is a member of the well-known boy band ASTRO, formed in 2016, under Fantagio. A pleasant surprise for many fans came in 2022 when MJ teamed together alongside four other Korean idols for the Calvin Klein campaign. The fans were overjoyed to see how the fashion world acknowledged the gorgeous appearance of MJ. His extraordinary handsomeness pulled the heartstrings of many fans.

6. Joy

Joy, or Park Soo Young, is another absolute beauty who has modeled for Calvin Klein in multiple campaigns. Her dazzling visuals flawlessly embody the brand thanks to her radiant goddess-like visuals. In 2022, Joy was chosen as the Calvin Klein jeans and performance's muse. Joy is a 27-year-old K-pop idol, famous for her charming and attractive visuals that leads to her photoshoot being a big success. With a goddess type visuals like Joy, no photoshoots can every go wrong. Joy is also a very talented actress and is known for her roles in series like Tempted, The One and Only, and Once Upon a Small Town.

7. Sandara Park

Sandara Park is a former member of 2NE1, a girl band group that was one of the best-selling bands ever before breaking up in 2016. In 2022, Sandara Park released her photoshoot with Calvin Klein. The idol shared her images on Instagram, slaying in Calvin Klein's Palace jeans and signature underwear set, highlighting her slim, fit shape and abs. Sandara Park is known to be one of the leading and most famous figures in the Philippines.

8. Hyuna

Kim Hyun Ah, or Hyuna, is 31 years old and a former member of a well-known girl band group, Wonder Girls. Hyuna is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and model known for bold and risky concepts in her music videos and fashion. Hyuna was selected as the 2020 Calvin Klein CK ONE collection ambassador. She posed in various sets, showcasing her astounding form and allowing her sassy and bold persona to come over in each shot.

9. Minhyuk

Lee Min Hyuk is a rapper, actor, songwriter, and presenter. Minhyuk is also known as Huta and is a member of the boy band BTOB. Working with one of the K-pop industry's kings of muscle is an advantage for any brand. In 2022, Minhyuk modeled for the American brand Calvin Klein. He has a good grip on the industry because of his breathtaking visuals and muscular physique, which was identified by Calvin Klein and blessed the fans with his captivating photoshoots.

10. Jaechan

Park Jae Chan is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a member of a boy band group, DKZ, formed in 2019, and is supervised by Dongyo Entertainment. In 2019, Jaechan made his acting debut in the web series My Youtube Diary. There is no doubt that Jaechan is unapologetically charming and handsome. In 2022, Jaechan modeled for Calvin Klein and in the campaign, he showcased his crisp refreshing visuals, embodying the company with a distinct vibe.