Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies Based On Kidnapping

The kidnapping of another person's body and their freedom of movement make it a horrifying crime. The fear of kidnapping is a main story element in the following Chinese movies.

So here’s a list of the top 10 Chinese movies based on kidnapping-

1. Election, 2005

This movie was released on 20 October, 2005 in Hong Kong owning a rating of 7.1 on IMBD.

The world of the triad gangs in Hong Kong is the setting for Johnnie To's nonstop action thriller. The killing of the boss of the biggest gang in the territory consisting of about 50,000 members,sets up a political brawl between Lok and Big D. Big D threatens to disrupt the investiture after Lok defeats his fraudulent strategies.

2. Election 2, 2006

It was released on 27 April, 2006 and directed by the same Johnnie To.

Lok suggests an unusual second term. But the reformed triad operator rises to fight Lok and descends back into a life of crime as government corruption stifles Jimmy Lee's legitimate economic interests in Hong Kong. The business-minded Lee gets more and more violent as the battle escalates into a full-fledged gangland war out of his desperation to provide a comfortable future for his family.

3. Rush Hour, 1998

It was released on 18 September, 1998 and directed by Brett Ratner.

Hong Kong Investigator Lee and Carter, two loud-mouthed LA detectives, are forced to work together for the FBI when a Chinese consul’s daughter is abducted. Cultural and distinctive work styles present challenges.

4. Connected, 2008

Released on 25 September, 2008 and directed by Benny Chan.

The film sets the scene when a stranger named Grace calls Bob and informs him about her apprehensions that she has been abducted and will soon be killed. She has no idea of her location, and unfortunately his cell phone’s battery was low.

5. Crime Story, 1993

The movie was released on 24 June, 1993 directed by Jackie Chan.

The mission given to Inspector Eddie is to find the missing businessman Wong Yat-Fei. He is forced to deal with strong criminals and a deceitful police officer in Taiwan as a result of the search.

6. Reset, 2017

It was released on 29 June, 2017 and directed by Chang.

Scientist Xia Tian’s efforts has paid off when she successfully travels back in time by 110 minutes.She travels across time in a desperate attempt to stop her son's murder after he gets captured by kidnappers.

7. Shanghai Noon, 2000

The movie was released on 23 May 2000, and directed by Tom Dey.

To save a princess who was kidnapped, Chon Wang arrives to the American West. He joins the force with a  trained thief Roy O'Bannon, and together they take on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt employer.

8. Dearest, 2014

Released on 26 September, 2014 in China and directed by Peter Chan.

Tian Wenjun (Huang Bo) and ex-wife Lu Xiaojuan  find their kidnapped son in a rural village after years of relentless searching. Li Hongqin, the boy's foster mother, also loses her foster daughter to a state-run orphanage in Shenzhen when the boy is forcibly taken from the hamlet. Brokenhearted, Li embarks on a solitary yet resolute quest to retrieve her daughter.

9. Kidnap, 2007

The movie was released on 14 June, 2007 in Hong Kong and was directed by Law Chi-Leung.

As the final option, two corrupt police officers (Nelson and Griffith) abduct the daughter of a bank security expert (Carlson) to participate in the theft of a safe deposit box, a robbery that was unsuccessful on the first try.

10. Operation Billionaire, 1998

The movie’s initial release was in 1998. Directed by Ng Yiu Kuen.

The kidnapping rampage of Cheung Tze-Keung, who was eventually put to death in China in December 1998, served as the inspiration for this movie. Cheung Chi-ho (Simon Yam) lives off  abducting the kids of the wealthy. He is a good guy outside of "work", even going so far  to assist a small elderly woman in crossing the street as the movie begins. Several adult children of the Chinese wealthy are being targeted for abduction by Cheung Chi-ho. The majority of these crimes go unreported to the police because of their nasty threats, and everything was well until Cheung links up with Cyclone, another major felon. When the wealthy victim on their first job calls the police, Cheung Chi-ho plans his next course of action against the police.