Article: Ten Japanese Stars Who Married Their Co-Stars

Actors sometimes actually fall in love with their co-stars while acting. And this is the most beautiful thing ever. Especially for the fans because, to the on-screen couple for whom you’ve cheered the entire season when they get married. It is surreal. Let’s see some Japanese actors who married their co-stars.

1. Miho Kanno And Masato Sakai

Miho Kanno and Masato Sakai starred together in the drama In the Castle of Crossed Destinies. Their chemistry in the show was impeccable, and after three months of dating, they got married in 2013.

2. Odagiri And Yuu Kashii

Odagiri and Yuu Kashi starred together in the drama Pavillion Salamandre. Soon after the show, rumors spread out about their dating. Then in 2008, they got engaged and soon got married.

3. Riisa Naka And Akiyoshi Nakao

Riisa Naka and Akiyoshi Nakao starred together for the first time in the drama The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in 2010. But, after their second drama Tsurukame Josanin in 2012. Their dating rumors started spreading out. Soon after, they got married in 2013.

4. Atsuko Maeda And Ryo Katsuji

Atsuko Maeda and Ryo Katsuji starred together in the drama Dokonjo Gaeru in 2015. But, after the drama Woman Who Eats in 2018, they started dating and tied the knot the same year.

5. Masataka Kubota And Asami Mizukawa

Masataka Kubota and Asami Mizukawa starred together in the drama Fugitive Boys in 2018. And they got married in 2021.

6. Koyuki And Kenichi Matsuyama

Koyuki and Kenichi Matsuyama starred together in the drama Kamui Garden in 2011. It took Kenichi two years to win over Koyuki’s heart. But eventually, everything worked out, and now they have a beautiful family together.

7. Aoi Miyazaki And Junichi Okada

Aoi Miyazaki and Junichi Okada met for the first time while shooting for the drama Flowers in the Shadows in 2008. Then soon after, they started dating and got married in 2017.

8. Oguri Shun And Yamada Yu

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu starred together in the drama Binbo Danshi. And soon after it, they started dating and got married in 2012.

9. Hiroshi Tamaki And Haruka Kinami

Hiroshi Tamaki and Haruka Kinami starred together in the drama Onna no Kunshou in 2017. After the show, their relationship started blooming, and then in 2018, they tied the knot.

10. Takei Emi And Takahiro

Takei Emi and Takahiro starred together in the drama Detective Designated for Assignment in 2014. They started dating while they were shooting, and in 2017, they got married.