Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Have More Than One Profession

Korean actors and celebrities have become worldwide famous, and their fans are always eager to know them. To learn what they do rather than act, or what is their everyday life like? So, if you are interested in learning more about your favorite celebrity, then below are the top 10 Korean actors who have more than one profession.

1. Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon is not only a South Korean actor but also a great and handsome model. He was born on 5 October 1976. He is 47 years old. In 1995, he began his professional journey as a model for a jeans company. He made his first appearance in a feature film in 1999, playing a role in the movie named Calla.

2. Ji Chang-Wook

Ji Chang-wook is not only a South Korean actor but also a musical singer. He was born on 5 July 1987. He is 36 years old. Ji's career began in musical theatre. His first onscreen role was in the 2006 film Days, and he appeared in You Stole My Heart in 2008. It was in the film Sleeping Beauty in 2008 that he made his screen debut. The daily drama series Smile Again made him famous as Dong-hae.

3. Lee Min-Ho

Lee Min-ho is not only a charismatic actor but also a great singer and a handsome model. He was born on 22 June 1987. He is 36 years old. Lee auditioned and landed minor roles in TV shows Romance and Nonstop.

4. Kim Woo-Bin

Kim Woo-bin is not only a skillful and brilliant actor but also an exemplary model. He was born on 16 July 1989. He is 34 years old. The television drama White Christmas marked his acting debut after starting his career as a runway model. It was through A Gentleman's Dignity that he gained attention.

5. Lee Seung-Gi

Lee Seung-gi is not only an extraordinary actor but also a musical singer. He was born on 13 January 1987. He is 36 years old. He is one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea and a successful singer with hit songs such as Because You're My Woman, Will You Marry Me, Return, and The Ordinary Man.

6. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is not only a South Korean actor but an exemplary model. He was born on 14 September 1989. He is 34 years old. In 2005, he made his runway debut at Seoul Fashion Week as the youngest male model. Prosecutor Princess, a South Korean TV series, marked Lee's debut as an actor in 2010. He also made his big-screen debut in the horror movie Ghost.

7. Lee Jung-Jae

Lee Jung-Jae is a South Korean actor and a fantastic filmmaker. He was born on 15 December 1972. He is 50 years old. In addition to being a restaurant owner, Lee has founded several businesses, including the development company Seorim C&D. Lee debuted as a fashion model, His first television roles were in the campus series Feelings and the drama Sandglass.

8. Seo In-Guk

Seo In-guk is not only a South Korean actor but also a great singer-songwriter. He was born on 23 October 1987. He is 35 years old. Following his win on Superstar K in 2009, he began to pursue a singing career and in 1997 made his acting debut with Reply.

9. Bae Yong-Joon

Bae Yong-Joon is a South Korean former actor and a successful businessman. He was born on 29 August 1972. He is 51 years old Bae began his career as an actor in 1994, appearing in the Korean drama Salut D'Amour. After that, he ventured into the restaurant industry and started a few restaurants and cafes that catered to the growing trend of well-being. He is the owner of Gorilla in the Kitchen, a health food restaurant, and Gosire, a high-end traditional Korean restaurant.

10. Jung Woo-Sung

Jung Woo-sung is a South Korean & the 1st Korean UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. He started his career as a fashion model. Jung Woo-sung made his film debut in 1994's The Fox with Nine Tails, which was among the first Korean fantasy movies and the first to use computer-generated imagery. In May 2014, UNHCR Korea selected him as its first celebrity supporter. On June 17, 2015, he was officially nominated as UNHCR's National Goodwill Ambassador.