Article: Top 10 Japanese Work-Life Dramas

The crisp Japanese dramas are known for slapping us with realities. Office romance is a beloved genre. However, when it comes to Japanese, surely the romance aspect will be a part, but the struggle will constitute the central part. These dramas will give us insight into the Japanese work culture.

1. Attention, Please

This drama is about a tomboy girl who wants to become a flight attendant. Her three brothers raised Yoko. She prefers the company of boys rather than girls, and for this purpose, she created a band. However, Tsukasa left the band because he got a job in the bank. That caused the band to disband. Yoko was left stressed. She had noticed how the boys get excited when they see a cabin crew lady, and she has always wondered why. Her friends even challenged her. Yoko was naive enough to realize she would become a flight attendant: just after clearing the test, she didn’t know there was rigorous training awaiting her.

2. Priceless

Priceless is the story of a man who went from riches to rags. That is a terrible situation to get kicked out of the company. A mid-level manager with a promising future is framed. He caught the attention of his superiors. His fate took turns, leaving him with nothing at all. Penniless, he was just wandering in the park where he met the two kids. These children, in turn, teach him how to survive without money. Somehow, he managed the crisis and learned to value things. He also discovers the essential and priceless things in life.

3. Rikuoh

Rikuoh is a series regarding the traditional Japanese socks-making company. Koichi is the CEO and has about 20 employees. There is a fall in demand for tabi, conventional Japanese socks. A decrease in demand alerts the employees. To maintain company operations and balance out demand. Koichi introduced a new product. This new product is running shoes. Now, by using the knowledge of tabi making, they left it on their luck.

4. Hungry

Eisuke was a bass player in his band until he gave up his dreams of carrying on the tradition of his family’s French restaurant. Eisuke’s girlfriend was shocked to know that Eisuke abandoned his band, and this caused various problems in their relationship. Chie is a college student. She wasn't fond of Eisuke initially, but after trying his meal, she was won over. Eisuke’s band members are also helping him, knowing his difficulties. Tokio is his competition. Tokio was a fan of his eKeisuke’smother’s restaurant. But after she passed away, he tricked his father and won the cooks over to him. Knowing Eisuke’s capabilities, Tikio thinks of him as a threat.

5. Genkai Shuraku Kabushiki Kaisha

Genkai shuraku kabushiki kaisha tells the story of a struggling consultant who tries to use industry and farming to reconstruct the community. Masato had a business plan for organic farming. However, Masato failed and endured a high debt. As he was unable to repay the debt, Masato flew to Tokyo while leaving his parents and daughter behind. After several years, Masato’s parents die. His daughter Miho chooses to take over the farm to pay back the loan. Masato returns to help his daughter and wife.

6. The Auditor

The auditor shows us the grassroots level of corruption. Nozaki is a branch manager. Despite having a dismal career, he is renowned for his uprightness and sense of equality. However, he got promoted to auditor. That made him work closely and witness corruption, and that’s when he decided to change the bank. That brings confrontations and chaos into his life. Other auditors were trying to help the company from the economic downturn, but he thought of the customers and decided to voice his opinion.

7. Downtown Rocket/ Shitamachi Rocket

Kohei, who was once a researcher with the aerospace and science exploration agency, has started his own company. Kohei doesn’t get along with his daughter. Tsukuda industries were growing at an increasing pace. One idea, though, hindered the expansion. Kohei's business began to deteriorate despite his desire to create a rocket. Tsukuda Industries lost a significant customer and was sued by Nakashima Industries, a powerful competitor. Tsukuda’s face value declined. At this time, a big company offers to buy the patent of the company. Kohei is now left wondering what comes next. Should he pursue his goal or turn a scrappy firm into an appealing venture?

8. Harassment Game

This series talks about the hot issue of harassment in offices. Akitsu was the manager of the Toyama branch of Maruo Holdings, an established major supermarket chain. After being demoted for unknown reasons, he relocated to the country to make a livelihood. He was called in to work one day for a specific reason. Then, he was assigned the title of the head of the compliance unit. There were several harassment issues in the company. Aritsu and his friends were responsible for solving these and developing innovative methods.

9. Your Home Is My Business

Just four years before the Olympics, in 2016, is the setting for this story. The price of houses was competitive during this period. Sangeya Much is an excellent real estate agent. Machi doesn’t follow traditional tactics but instead uses unique ways to get her customers to buy the homes. The unique way involves her getting involved in the problems of her clients and their families. She aims to solve the problems, thus attracting the customer.

10. Doctor-X: Surgeon Michiko Daimon

Michiko is a freelance doctor. She is a part of a doctor placement service, which has her wandering from one hospital to another. Several doctors retired, but Michiko is not your typical doctor. She is the one with a short skirt and a fierce attitude. At the university hospital, she questions the outdated skills of the head. This attitude comes from perfection in her work. People frequently wonder how she obtained such advanced talents, but it's a mystery. On top of that, Michiko lives a private life.