Article: Top 10 Thai University Life Series

Asian dramas are becoming renowned worldwide. Korean dramas have our whole hearts. However, the Thai wave has also taken over the world. Bl is the most popular Thai drama, but other series are worth watching. It’s time we explore other industries. University is the foundation of any individual’s life. People are always interested in these sweet dramas. People establish solid relationships and long-lasting friendships that are fun to watch. However, college life is full of surprises and struggles. Here, below, are some Thai university life dramas. These Thai dramas are worth your time. Here are some cute Thai dramas based on university life.

1. The Judgement

The Judgement is a young-adult Thai drama. Lookkaew is a model student. Lookkaew’s father got into an accident and went into a coma. That makes her stressed. Her boyfriend, Aud, brings her to a party, but while she is drunk, he attempts to use her. When she snapped, he took pictures and videos to get back to her. Aud shares those clips on social media, thus making Lookkaew’s life difficult. Lookkaew became the target of the gossip surrounding the tragic incident. Now, Lookkaew takes it into her hands to eradicate this toxic nature in the university. Archa, who stalked her, starts to help her to lead a peaceful life.

2. 2gether

2gether is a cute Bl college life series. It is a light-hearted drama with no enemies and evil plots. The series revolves around Tine, a bubbly student in college, and Sarawat, a famous athlete and musician. Tine chased Sarawat to have a fake relationship to drive Green away, who has been stalking and following Tine. This phony relationship will light up sparks within their hearts. Tine tried to deny the love, whereas as the series progresses, we will see how Sarawat was the one interested initially.

3. Kiss: The Series

A university student, Sandee has male friends. However, things get complicated after her one-night stand with her buddy, Thada. As they were both drunk, they couldn’t remember the last night. Sandee and Thada decided to keep this a secret to avoid destroying friendships. Love has a way of coming back. Eventually, they cannot hide that they are falling for each other. Kiss: the series describes friendships and how a balance is needed.

4. U Prince Series

U Prince is an unusual series. It is a twelve-part series based on Jamsai’s novel about twelve handsome boys from twelve faculties. This new grand campaign introduces 12 heart-throbbing males to girls. Twelve lucky girls will get the opportunity to date them. As the series progresses, we can see several recurring characters. That is such an exciting drama showing twelve love stories. One series can span twelve series if we consider the broad picture.

5. Love Sick: The Series

Love Sick describes the lives of students at an all-male college. That is the story of Phun; his father is pursuing him to date his friend’s daughter, but Phun has a girlfriend. Phun’s little sister is obsessed with the boy’s love. Phun convinced his little sister that he had a boyfriend so she could help him get out of the arranged date. Noh was struggling to find funds for his music club. Phun decided to help him in exchange for becoming his fake boyfriend. Eventually, fate brought them together, and the two young boys fell in love.

6. 2 Moons

Wayo Panitchayasawad is a freshman who has followed his secret love. Phana is a second-year student. Phana is quite popular and is the campus moon of last year, but he seems arrogant and doesn’t enjoy being famous. Wayo was attracted to Phana in high school. Wayo was looking for ways to meet his love. Thus, he became the campus moon so that he gets to see more of Phana. However, their relationship started on the wrong foot as Phana was picking on Wayo. Eventually, both of them realized the spark between them.

7. Destiny Seeker

Songkhram and Ai are both university students. They are both pursuing engineering and residing in university dorms. They both are so diverse in personalities, Songkhram is the head of dorm 2, where the strong and athletic males live, and Ai is the head of dorm 3, where all the good-looking males reside. Dorms 2 and 3 have been rivals for a long time. Ai and Songkhram might pretend to be enemies, but deep down, Ai has a soft corner for Songkhram. However, he believes that he has feelings for meen. What he doesn’t realize is that he is the one Songkhram likes.

8. Bad Romance

Yihwa believes that she is independent and boys are like iPhones, which are only for decorations. However, Yihwa went to meet her best friend, who was celebrating her anniversary with her partner, and there she met Cho. Cho fell in love with Yihwa at first sight. But Yihwa didn’t reciprocate her feelings; she thought that Cho was gay and he was attracted to Knock, her best friend’s partner. After that day, Cho started to pursue Yihwa romantically. However, he had a hard time trying to please her. But will Yihwa reciprocate Cho’s feelings, or were his efforts all in vain?

9. Bad Buddy

This series starts with rival families. It is an incorporation of Romeo and Juliet. Their families began comparing their sons’ accomplishments and merits and left no stone unturned to outshine in front of the other families. Ever since childhood, Pat and Pran have considered each other as foes. However, when they met in college, they started as friends. They started fresh. However, because of the rivalry, they must keep this friendship under wraps. As their friendship developed, they realized they were falling in love. How will this end up with their families being the greatest rivals?

10. Between Us

A talented swimmer, the team has just entered university. However, he struggles during competitions; he’s never able to perform to the best of his abilities. Team upperclassman Win notices that the team’s performance is disrupted because of his past trauma and sleeping difficulties. Win started to help the team get over his traumas, and afterward, the team’s performance improved, and he got better. Feelings start to grow between the two boys. However, the team is not the only one with trauma; Win also struggles with handling love and giving special treatment to his loved ones. This story focuses on how win and team grow together while dealing with their issues.