Article: Top 10 Lee Jong Suk Dramas

Lee Jong Suk is South Korean entertainment's ultimate heartthrob. Fans all over the world adore him for his good looks and incredible acting ability. He's the type of actor who can make anyone fall in love with his charm. He’s handsome and has a great personality, no wonder he’s one of the top actors in the kdrama word. Here are top 10 of his dramas.

1. While You Were Sleeping

Lee Jong Suk plays Jung Jae Chan in this beloved drama. He plays a prosecutor with an extraordinary ability to predict future events through his dreams. When he moves next door to Nam Hong Ju, a young woman with her own unique gift of foresight, their lives become intertwined in a suspenseful and captivating story. Lee Jong Suk's portrayal of Jae Chan shows his acting prowess. And his undeniable charm and stunning looks makes us swoon. The drama's intriguing premise and Jong Suk's outstanding performance make it an addictive and fun watch. The love triangle will hurt a lot.

2. Big Mouth

Lee Jong Suk's acting skills are flawless in this drama and by far his best performance.  He plays Park Chang Ho, a lawyer who talks but does nothing. But things take a wild turn when he is falsely accused of being a famous swindler and is imprisoned. Jong Suk's performance is outstanding. He transforms from a clueless lawyer and adoring family man to a savvy leader and survivor. In this drama, his acting range is off the charts, and you can tell he put his heart and soul into the role. You won't want to miss out on it!

3. RomanceIs A Bonus Book

Lee Jong Suk plays Cha Eun Ho, a successful and charming writer who is also the publishing company's youngest chief editor. Jong Suk's performance as Eun Ho is nothing short of brilliant. He effortlessly embodies the ideal heartthrob and lends the drama a delightful romantic charm. He's the ideal leading man in this heartwarming love story that will have you swooning, thanks to his charming looks and superb acting. (He’s super adorable in this drama.)

4. The Hymn Of Death

In this emotionally devastating drama, Lee Jong Suk gives an outstanding performance as Kim Woo Jin, a stage drama writer living in Korea during the Japanese occupation. His character is deeply involved in a tragic love story with Yun Shim Deok, portrayed by Shin Hye Sun as Korea's first soprano (based on a true story.) Despite the predictable heartbreaking ending, Jong Suk's portrayal of Woo Jin as the tortured lover is truly outstanding. His moving performance, combined with his endearing looks, make him an ideal tragic hero, sure to tug at your heartstrings and leave you in tears. (JONG SUK IN GLASSES THOUGH.)

5. Pinocchio

Lee Jong Suk plays Choi Dal Po, his most popular role, and he is simply amazing. He may appear shabby, but don't let that fool you. He has an incredible memory and a way with words that will leave you speechless. Dal Po's character is perfect in every way. He's brave, he takes risks, and his decisions shape the story in unexpected ways. And, of course, Lee Jong Suk is a visual treat - you can't take your eyes off from him. His performance is superb, and he adds a great deal of charm to the drama.

6. School 2013

In this absolutely popular series, Lee Jong Suk plays Go Nam Soon, a student dealing with high school drama. Seriously, his acting is incredible. Watching him in action will make you feel every emotion. And let's not forget about the bromance - Nam Soon and Heung Soo's friendship is simply endearing. There is no romance in this drama, but the mystery and Jong Suk's incredible acting will keep you hooked from start to finish. Without a doubt, if you enjoy high school dramas. This drama got popular between fans as they shipped the two main leads who are best friends in real life.

7. I Hear Your Voice

Lee Jong Suk portrays Park Soo Ha, a teen with the ability to read minds. In this drama, his acting abilities truly shine. Jong Suk effortlessly brings out Soo Ha's goofy and charming side, making you laugh along with him and then, in an instant, having you cry when the character faces trauma. His talent is astounding, and his charming appearance is the icing on the cake. Soo Ha's character is not only amusing but also romantic and sweet, making this drama a must watch.

8. Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk plays Park Hoon, the genius heart surgeon with a mysterious past. Seriously, his acting is on fire, and those good looks of his? Well, they're pretty hard to miss. He totally nails Park Hoon's deep character, especially all the heartbreaking stuff from his past. Plus, when it comes to romance, Jong Suk is just a natural. You'll be rooting for him big time in this one. If you're up for a mix of medical drama and love story, this is the show to binge-watch.

9. W

In this mind-bending drama, Lee Jong Suk steals the show, the guy's a total charmer. His role, Kang Chul, he's got it all – the looks, the riches, and a strong sense of justice. But here's the twist, his backstory? It's a real tearjerker. Now, his personality, well, it's as flat as a pancake, but that's the deal when you're a webtoon character. Lee Jong Suk? He's killing it with his performance, and trust me, you won't be able to look away. If you're up for a rollercoaster of a story, "W" is an actual W.

10. High Kick

Lee Jong Suk plays Ahn Jong Suk (his own name) in this funny sitcom, known for his fantastic comedic timing and hilarious expressions. Ahn Nae Sang and Yoon Yoo Sun, a middle-aged couple, face financial difficulties and move in with the wife's brother. In the midst of the chaos, Lee Jong Suk's performance as Ahn Jong Suk adds a delightful touch of humor and charm to this sitcom, making it a must-see for those looking for laughter and entertainment.