Article: Top 10 Must Watch J-Dramas

Japanese dramas excel at evoking certain emotions and leave a strong effect on you. If you have never watched any and want to start now, here are some of the best top 10 must watch dramas youneed to catch up on.

1. 1 Litre No Namida

This drama is a total tearjerker, and it's based on Aya Kito's true story. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster that will have you crying like there's no tomorrow. It's hands down one of the best J-dramas out there. The tragic life of Aya will make you love your own life more and think fondly about her.

2. Alice In Borderland

Imagine waking up in a desolate Tokyo, forced to engage in lethal games for survival. This is the interesting plot of this J-drama. Arisu and Usagi band together to solve the mysteries of this perplexing world. It's an intense, must-watch series that ranks among the best in the J-drama genre. It’s one of the most popular series on Netflix globally.

3. First Love: Hatsukoi

How do you feel about reuniting with your first love after two decades apart? This beautiful drama paints a moving portrait of the enduring power of love. The story of Yae and Harumichi is a heartwarming journey that reminds us that love knows no bounds. The acting is amazing and the romance is adorable and get you in tears. One of the best J-dramas ever.

4. Hanzawa Naoki

An exciting J-drama that defies expectations. Even those who are skeptical of the banking industry should watch this. It's a fantastic series that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. The acting is splendid and you will fall in love with the characters.

5. Mystery To Iunakare

Konou Totono's wild, unruly curly hair is as eccentric as the genius himself. This J-drama delivers captivating mysteries with a quirky charm that makes it a must watch. It focuses on mental health and will leave you heartbroken sometimes and laughing sometimes. Konou is super cute.

6. Unnatural

Unnatural is a suspenseful medical mystery drama that delves into the mystery of death. Join the eccentric team at the Unnatural Death Institute as they investigate strange deaths. It's a J-drama with compelling narratives that keeps you hooked. If you love forensic sciences, you will absolutely enjoy this drama.

7. Mother

Suzuhara Nao, an elementary school teacher, decides to kidnap Michiki Rena, one of her female students, after discovering that she is being abused by her mother. As they flee to Tokyo, they encounter various events together, with Nao acting as a substitute mother and Rena experiencing maternal love for the first time. The drama will leave you as a sobbing mess and pull your heartstrings.

8. Silent

An extremely lovely J-drama about love and music. Tsumugi runs into her long-lost love Sakura after eight years and discovers he has lost his hearing. The moving story and well-developed characters make this a must-see drama that demonstrates the enduring power of love and music. The acting is brilliant and will moveyou. You will cry so hard at some parts. The romance is super adorable and beautiful.

9. Dele

An engrossing J-drama about Sakagami Keishi, a paraplegic programmer who assists clients in erasing their digital footprints after death. He navigates the complex world of digital legacies with the help of Mashiba Yutaro. This series is a must-watch for its thought-provoking exploration of themes such as life, death, and the impact of technology. The acting is superb too.

10. Brush Up Life

A delightful comedy about Asami Kondo, a 33-year-old woman who is given a second chance at life. She is transported back to her childhood, where she navigates the difficulties of growing up while retaining the wisdom of her years. This touching and funny drama offers a new perspective on life and family dynamics. It’s one of the best isekai dramas.