Article: Top 10 Tearjerker K-Dramas

Tearjerker K-dramas, man, they're the best emotional rollercoaster. The ones that make you laugh and cry so hard that tissues become your new best friends? We love those. These shows are all about heartbreaking stories that make you cry. They have the perfect blend of love, loss, and drama to keep you glued to the screen. So, if you're up for some emotional ups and downs, here are the top 10 tearjerker kdramas.

1. Move To Heaven

Move To Heaven is one of the most heart wrenching, moving and emotional K-dramas, that follows Han Geu Roo, an autistic young man, and his ex-convict uncle Cho Sang Gu. Together, they run a crime scene cleanup business and discover the power of love and understanding. Get ready for a heartwarming and tearjerking journey with amazingly written characters and beautiful lessons of life.

2. Crash Landing On You

In this emotional K-drama, Yoon Se Ri's paragliding adventure takes an unexpected turn when she lands in North Korea and meets Ri Jung Hyuk. Their love story unfolds amidst political tensions, and a second couple's heartbreaking journey adds even more feels. It’s a beautiful healing yet heartbreaking drama.

3. Tomorrow

Choi Joon Woong's life takes an unexpected turn when he intervenes in a suicide attempt. He meets a grim reaper duo who are dedicated to preventing such tragedies. Following a life-changing event, Joon Woong becomes a one-of-a-kind member of their crisis management team, resulting in emotional and heartbreaking moments. The drama focuses on mental health and the different stories of depressed individuals will move you to tears. It’s one of the best dramas out there.

4. The Red Sleeve

This heartbreaking K-drama is set in Joseon dynasty Korea and follows Yi San, a young prince who is haunted by his father's murder. His path to the throne is marked by emotional scars and a desire to be a kind ruler. When he meets Sung Deok Im, a palace maid, he falls for her hard. Their love story unfolds, full of mutual pning and tragic twists. The tragic ending will leave you devastated.

5. 25 21

This beautiful K-drama follows Na Hee Do, a high school fencer who overcomes adversity to become a member of the national fencing team. Along with her is Baek Yi Jin, whose life is drastically altered as a result of the financial crisis. They navigate the challenges and emotions together, resulting in a touching and emotional rollercoaster with a bittersweet ending.

6. Youth Of May

This popular drama is an emotional rollercoaster. It is set in the midst of Gwangju's pro-democracy movement and follows the love story of Hee Tae and Myung Hee. Their romance blossoms in the midst of adversity, and this drama is known for its emotional intensity and tragic ending that will have you depressed and numb for days.

7. Doom At Your Service

Tak Dong Kyung is a woman dealing with glioblastoma. Desperate and blaming her bad luck, she unwittingly summons Myeol Mang, an embodiment of Destruction. They embark on a 100-day journey to find solace and fulfillment in the midst of their shared grief, both of them are depressed and want the world to end, resulting in a tearjerker that will leave you in floods of tears. Their chemistry will make you blush.

8. Amanza

A K-drama that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Consider this: a 26-year-old man is diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. It comes as a gut punch (pun intended). He's in pain, filled with regrets, and looking for answers and miracles. So, what happens next? In his mind, he has a magical forest. This is a tearjerker that will make you cry a river. This drama is a hidden gem for sure.

9. The Sound Of Magic

A moving musical K-drama about Yoon Ah Yi, a high school student facing financial difficulties. She meets the enigmatic magician Lee Eul and finds solace in his magical performances. A heartwarming story of young love and the belief in magic unfolds amid academic competition and personal struggles, making it a tearjerker that will tug at your heartstrings. The songs are so good and the acting is exceptional.

10. The Light In Your Eyes

An emotional tearjerker K-drama, follows Kim Hye Ja's journey as she accidentally ages herself while attempting to change the past with a mysterious watch. Her emotional quest to make things right, combined with an unexpected friendship with Lee Joon Ha, reveals a heartbreaking truth that will have you in tears throughout the series.