Article: Top 10 Highest-Rated Anime Shows To Watch In 2022

The anime world has come a long way over the past few years, and 2022 is undoubtedly one of the most significant years to showcase progress. There are numerous animations produced and released all over the world every year. The first ever Japanese animation was made and released in 1917. There are significant new emerging anime releases every year, making it hard to choose what to watch. We will see the top 10 highest-rated anime shows in 2022, which are certainly worth watching

1. Spy X Family

This show is currently one of the most exciting anime of the year 2022. Just in a few weeks after getting released, Spy x Family has turned into the must-watch title of the year which is adapted from a successful manga. The story is about a master assassin, an experienced spy, and a young girl with the power of reading minds who get together to create the perfect family to complete a mission. 


2. Ranking Of Kings

Ranking Of Kings, which is said to be an anime perfect for the kids, has been a hot topic since it started airing. It’s a manga series taken from an online platform. This anime shows Boji, prince of the Bosse Kingdom. This story starts when he meets Kage, a mysterious survivor of the Shadow clan. This anime nails all the fixing of excellent fantasy series.


3. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-up Darling is a new anime series that is gaining a lot of popularity. It is a romantic comedy anime based on a hot Manga series serialized on Young Gangan. It presents the relationship between a newcomer high schooler who likes creating traditional Japanese Hina dolls and his classmate who likes cosplays.


4. The Orbital Children

The Orbital Children is a well-known new anime released earlier than expected. Nearly after 15 years, the director Mitsuo Iso has returned with The Orbital Children, a six-episode anime. It follows the story of five children stranded aboard a commercial space station on the brink of a cataclysmic disaster. It’s a brilliant anime with beautiful senses visually.


5. Healer Girls

Healer Girls is one of the more intriguing titles of the year and is the closest anime to be seen as a musical. It follows the story of three young girls studying to become “vocal medicine” healers. This is the traditional method of learning to become a doctor through studies, but these girls will use the power of song to heal the patients. Their voices heal wounds and bring comfort to them.


6. Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 2

Attack on Titan's final season is the most contentious anime this year which has already solidified itself as one of the most excellent titles. As the series comes to an emotional end, the fans can give credit to the director for making such a great, visually stunning season. With only a part left, and everything being left out on the battlefield, there is no way we want to say goodbye to this show already.


7. Kaguya-Same : Love Is War -Ultra Romantic

Kaguya-same : Love is War has already three seasons in, but the setup still feels fresh. The third season is a romantic comedy series. It’s about a competition between the high-ranking student council members, president Miyuki Shriogane, and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya.  The entire student body wants them to be together, and even the main characters do, but both are too proud to confess their feelings. 


8. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game is a story about a group of high school students involved in an excessive debt repayment game. It exploits psychological warfare and intellectual games to feed one another’s suspicions. The group is fooled into playing a few rounds with the promise that they could get rid of one of their friends' debts. With only a handful of episodes, it’s primary that the central currency of the Tomodachi Game isn’t yen but friendship, and with that comes many secrets.


9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer is worth watching anime that is gorgeously animated, with twists upon twists and, most heart-achingly, a brother-sister parallel between Tanjiro and Nezuko and the two demons. The story is about after the demon attack left Tanjor’s family in shambles and his sister cursed. Tanjiro embarks upon a journey to find a cure and avenge those he had lost. The final war takes up most of the arch, consisting of a battle between the Demon Slayers and two powerful demons.


10. Ya Boy Kongming

Ya Boy Kongming is one of the hidden gems of the year thus far. The story is of Zhuge Liang Kongming, a third-century Chinese statesman and strategist who wished on his deathbed to be reborn again in a more peaceful time. His wish comes true when he wakes up in modern-day Tokyo and a younger body with his memories intact. In a nightclub, he meets Eiko Tsukimi, an aspiring singer who immediately captivates him.