Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas About Transmigration

Transmigration means to transfer from one state of existence to another. It is a fantasy-filled concept that a person's soul can migrate and exist someplace other than what they already inhabit. It can be from one person to another person, from one place to another, from the real world to an unknown world. In transmigration, the soul is described as an entity that never changes and remains as it is, even when it exists in different forms. It differs from reincarnation because reincarnation means the soul is rebirthed and enters another body. It is an enchanting concept for the viewers because it allows a person to experience a life out of their own body, which is not their own.

1. Lost Love In Times

It follows the love story of Qingchen and Yuan Ling, who were born with the destiny of dual stars to fall in love. Qincheng is part of a secret organization of mages responsible for protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling is the fourth prince of the Great Wei and is in the position of inheriting the throne. However, the mages’ code strictly forbids them from being with each other. The court is against them, even after the contributions made to the kingdom by Yuan Ling. So when he ascends the throne, he decides to marry Qingchen despite everyone opposing the idea. Yang Zhang, who is throne-hungry, launches a coup against him to overthrow Yuan Ling on his wedding day. In an attempt to protect Yuan Ling and prevent bloodshed, Qingchen uses her powers to create an alternate universe to rewrite history.

2. The Eternal Love

It follows Qu Tan’er, the second daughter of the Qu family. She is forced to marry the eighth prince of Dongyue, Lian Cheng. Only one to oppose the marriage, she attempts suicide so she does not have to marry him because she is already in love with Mo Yihuai, his older brother. However, she fails in her attempt and wakes up with another person inhabiting her body. Qu Xiaotan is a real estate agent in modern times, but she suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of Qu Tan’er. They suddenly find themselves in a weird situation where Qu Tan’er and Qu Xiaotan have to coinhabit the same body, and from there, an interesting story unfolds.

3. Ashes Of Love

In a mystical world, a baby girl is born to the flower deity Zi Fen. She names her Jin Mi and sees the future where her daughter encounters a great love triangle. Zi Fen, trying to protect her daughter from doom, feeds her a pill that prevents her from falling in love and dies. Jin Mi lived an immortal life in the flower realm for years until she encountered Xu Fen from the heavenly realm. She escapes with him to the mortal realm and unknowingly falls in love with him. Unbeknownst to her, she becomes a part of a love triangle between Xu Fen, the fire deity, and Run Yu, the night deity. Caught in misunderstandings and deceit, Jin Mi kills Xu Fen. But he comes back from the dead and plans on revenge. After many trials and tribulations, they finally accept love and live happily.

4. Scarlet Heart

It follows Zhang Xiao, a 25-year-old 21st-century modern girl who transmigrates to the ancient Qing dynasty during the reign of emperor Kangxi after a fatal car accident, from modern-day China to the 18th century. She transmigrates into the body of a 16-year-old aristocratic girl, Maertai Rouxi, daughter of a Manchu general, one of her previous incarnations. Not knowing how to return to the current timeline, she plays in the palace with princes Yin Si, Yin Zhen, and Yin Xiang. She eventually becomes a pawn in the struggle to achieve the throne.

5. Go Princess Go

It follows Zhang Peng, a playboy in modern China. He believes in living life to the fullest, which, according to him, means dating and partying as much as he can to have fun. He finds himself in a rather tricky position when he encounters his ex-girlfriend in a club. To escape her, he falls into a swimming pool and meets with her heeled stiletto and falls into a coma. He wakes up in ancient China 1000 years back, in the body of the lovely crown princess Zhang Peng Peng. At first, he is shocked but eventually accepts this change because he realizes he can be with the royal concubines of the emperor. With time, he finds his feminine persona and falls in love with the emperor.

6. Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book

This drama continues the story of Eternal Love. It follows the story of Bai Feng Jui, the only nine-tailed fox in the world. While seeking cultivation in the mountains, she is suddenly attacked by beasts and is saved by Dong Hua, the first emperor of heaven. Grateful, she joins him on his journey to defeat the demon lord. Her feelings of gratitude gradually change into love, but he has many trials to face. Heartbroken, she lives in the mortal world with her son until she hears of his final battle with Miaoluo, where he might die. She joins him in his battle, bringing him victory.

7. The Untamed

It follows two individuals, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji. The two are good friends and respected disciples of the Wen clan. Both of them experienced many adventures and trials together to defeat the evil in the world. Until one day, Wu Xian tragically dies. Not satisfied with the events that took place, Mo Xuanyu resurrects Wei Wu Xian, 16 years after his death, and curses him to inhabit his body. Lan Wang Ji is able to recognize him even after the change, and the two join forces again to reveal mysteries of the past.

8. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

The show follows Chen Xiao Qian, a TV script screenwriter. She is an enthusiastic writer dedicated everything to becoming a successful screenwriter. But she finds herself at a loss when the cast and crew of the drama refuse to follow her written script. Unwavered, she decides to rewrite it and make it more appealing. In the process, she takes a nap and suddenly finds herself in her script as a side character, the third princess, Chen Qian Qian. She decides to take matters into her own hands and not follow the script to ensure her survival when she recalls that the character is doomed to die in the third episode.

9. Joy Of Life

It follows Fan Xian, who was born in the ancient empire of the Qing Dynasty despite having memories from modern-day China in the 21st century. Confused by his memories, he questions his identity but continues living peacefully. He was raised by his grandmother as an illegitimate son of the minister of finance. He tries to uncover the secrets behind his family and mother. After an assassination attempt, he ventures on the quest to find out who is trying to harm him and why, abandoning his previous ideologies just to enjoy life.

10. My Amazing Boyfriend

It follows Tian Jing Zhi, a modern-day B-list actress. She gets into a fatal car accident that almost costs her life. She accidentally awakens and meets Xue Ling Qiao, an otherworldly creature who has been roaming the earth for 500 years and in a deep slumber for 100 years. He heals her wounds with his superpowers, and with nowhere to go, he forces himself into rooming with Jing Zhi, who reluctantly accepts him. Gradually, living together, they fall in love, no matter how hard they try to suppress their feelings.