Article: Top 10 Inspiring Fashion Queens Of K-Dramas

K-dramas are widely known for their mesmerizing cinematography and vivid storylines. These web series provide a plethora of genres to choose from, offering high entertainment value. Audiences have different reasons for enjoying Korean content. Some may be impressed by the alluring shooting locations; others may like the superbly composed original soundtracks. However, one thing that entices a large number of audiences toward K-dramas is the outfit choices. From the historic wardrobe consisting of elaborate robes and beautiful hanboks in Saguek dramas to the modern elegance and professional chic looks of contemporary dramas, K-dramas have some of the most beautiful and visually appealing attires that can provide great fashion inspiration. Let’s look at the top 10 fashion queens of K-dramas to take inspiration from!

1. Jang Man Wol From Hotel Del Luna

IU as Jang Man Wol in Hotel Del Luna is considered to be one of her best on-screen appearances. Her character as the sassy and bold hotel manager is still remembered fondly, both for her personality and her gorgeous outfits. Every look of her screams "diva". Her timeless and elegant looks in the series were a sight to behold. Her wardrobe was a blend of classic vintage and modern elegance. Man Wol appears a bit materialistic in the series, so most of her looks have some over-the-top elements.

2. Ko Moon-Young From It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Ko Moon-Young is the second sassiest heroine in K-drama history, and her outfits can be described by this one word: bold, meant to capture attention. Her looks consisted of whimsical, flowy dresses, high-fashion skirt and blouse combos, and other over-the-top looks. The character’s personality as a no-nonsense person shone through her wardrobe. The wardrobe perfectly encapsulates the ‘dark fairytale’ vibe of the series. Her dresses consist of flowy, whimsical-looking choices with monochromatic patterns. Her professional looks lean more toward edgy-looking outfits with an added flair.

3. Sung Deok Mi From Her Private Life

Park Min Young as a young and talented art curator, Sung Deok Mi in Her Private Life is the perfect inspiration for corporate formal. Being a professional, most of Deok Mi’s outfits consist of pants, suits, and trousers, but with a slight artistic influence. Being a corporate worker didn’t stop her from dressing to the nines! A mix of muted and bright colors for a balanced professional look was a staple of hers throughout the series, achieving the perfect elegant look without looking boring and monotone. Casual shirts with muted colors and trousers are the ideal look for an office meeting or a casual outing.

4. Hwang Geum-Joo From Strong Girl Nam Soon

If Park Min Young as Sung Deok Mi the epitome of business formal, Hwang Geum Joo in Strong Girl Nam-Soon is the epitome of business chic. Being a multi-millionaire owner of a thriving empire means that Geum Joo always dons the most beautiful outfits. While her casual style may be sort of generic, the styling and accessorization are what elevate the outfits. Pairing elegant dresses with elbow-length gloves and attractive headpieces gives her the perfect balance of power and feminity. Her professional suits and pants have a penchant for pastel, lighter shades with minimal but tasteful jewelry.

5. Yoon Se Ri From Crash Landing On You

Son Ye Jin wonderfully portrays the role of a chaebol heiress Yoon Se Ri, in Crash Landing on You. Dressing exquisitely would be a requirement as a wealthy heiress, and her outfits certainly reflect that very well.  Se Ri’s fashion primarily consists of tasteful suits, skirts blouses and combos, and elegant dresses. Even her detour in North Korea didn't stop her from dressing fabulously. Her wardrobe didn't consist of tweed skirts and suits but included many adorable, lounge-at-home type long skirts and blouse combos. If you're looking for an aesthetic Pinterest-worthy outfit, Yoon Se Ri is the ideal look to copy.

6. Shim Su Ryeon From The Penthouse: War In Life

The Penthouse: War in Life series is best known for portraying the power-hungry elite class. The outfits of most of the female characters reflect that. Shim Su Ryeon’s (portrayed by Lee Ji Ah) outfits in the series are the perfect blend of chic and elegant, which reflects her position as a high-ranking socialite. She usually dons jackets and blazers in suede shades. Adding layers by wearing blazers and trench coats in suede shades over casual trousers or elegant dresses to achieve a more relaxed and balanced look is her modus operandi throughout the series.

7. Goo Seo Ryung From The King: Eternal Monarch

Another professional chic fashion queen is Goo Seo Ryung from The King: Eternal Monarch. Her character in the series holds enormous power, yet instead of opting for power suits and elaborate professional outfits, she opts for colorful and bold attires. After all, one doesn’t have to give up one’s feminity to be powerful. Her wardrobe throughout the series consists of elegant dresses with a cinched waist. High-necked looks, patterned dresses, and outfits in solid colors like pink, red, and blue all ensure that her personality shines through even while in her work mode.

8. Yoon Hye Jin From Hometown Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha has hands down, one of the best looks for Yoon Hye Jin. Her wardrobe is a masterful blend of suburb style plus the small-town charm. If you’re on more of the “girly” side of the fashion spectrum, her ”work and play” wardrobe would be the ideal inspiration for you. The contrasting color of the shirt and pants combo is one of her best styles to recreate, which is perfect for casual professionals with retaining an air of individuality. Pairing simple button-downs with stylish bottoms is yet another low-effort chic outfit.

9. Yu Na Bi From Nevertheless

If you're a student looking for fashion inspiration within a budget, Na-Bi is your savior. Being an art student, Na Bi’s outfit mainly includes a paint-splattered apron and sculpting gear. But her wardrobe off-campus is the perfect example of college chic. Some people do not like too much sass in their outfit choices and would select comfortable, blending-into-the-wallpaper outfits. Yu Na bi wears oversized hoodies paired with jeans, achieving the perfect low-effort but stylish college look. Wearing an adorable and comfy cardigan paired with jeans is a beautiful choice if you want something subtle.

10. Jo Si Yeo From Itaewon Class

From her blonde highlights to her permanent stern expression, Kim Da Mi epitomizes the word “punk” in her character Jo Si Yeo in “Itaewon Class”. Her callous and aloof behavior is undoubtedly reflected in her outfit choices. Instead of choosing flowy dresses or power suits, she goes for street casual and chic looks. Leather jackets over simple t-shirt is an essential part of her wardrobe. Her mild grunge looks include dark leather pieces, combat boots, and statement jewelry.